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07-13-2018, 09:29 AM
New information just in. The Serbian admin at Poreklo, Aleksandar Antic, has tested positive for FGC13619. He tested at YSEQ and for some reason their U152 panel only includes FGC13619 within this block.

The interesting thing about this block is it has one other L2 match on 25 str markers who happens to be a Greek named Steve Samuel Biliouris and the other matches, approximately 50 of them, are ALL L21 members. Many of these L21 matches are a 25/25 match to this block, and then from 37 markers they fall away.

08-01-2021, 04:28 PM
The rare FGC13617 branch has received a new addition, this time from the British Isles with the lastname Hutchinson and a time to the most recent common ancestor of approximately 3400ybp.

Downstream there are two matches from Corfu and Herceg Novi with 38 public SNPs afterwhich they branc off with 8 to 9 private SNPs each.

Hutchinson has been found positive for FGC13616, FGC13617, FGC13645 and BY31144. He completed the BigY700 whereas the two older FGC13617 kits from Corfu and Herceg Novi underwent the BigY500 test.

A distant member of the family from Corfu is undergoing a BigY700 test that should be completed shortly and provide a comparison against which the Hutchinson kit may be assessed further.