View Full Version : Help understanding X Chromosome result for myself, Maternal surname "White"

10-19-2013, 04:33 PM
Hello, Im hoping someone may be able to explain my x chromosome result from Dr. McDonald. I am a 48 year old and adopted at age 10. My maternal birthname is "White", which my branch originated in Scotland and moved to Northern Ireland before branching into Washington Pa. area. I do not have paternal surname information but my father is African/(Puerto Rican).

I do not understand how my x chromosome is half European and half Middle Eastern and not 100% European.

My mtdna halpogroup is U5 and my paternal halpogroup is E1b1a/M2. I am gedmatch kit no. FN111580

Dr. Mcdonald gives me: English 0.46%, Spain 0.1872%, Yoruba 0.3539%

I have a "rotating result" also and as it spins It is following "Mozabite".

Thanks for all advice.

My EU Test Version 2 K15 are:

1 Sub-Saharan 35.1
2 North_Sea 21.16
3 Atlantic 19.2
4 Eastern_Euro 8.8
5 West_Med 7.67
6 West_Asian 2.74
7 Baltic 2.62
8 Northeast_African 1.24
9 East_Med 0.92
10 Red_Sea 0.48
11 Amerindian 0.05