View Full Version : Ancient clade mate reporting for R1b to workaround Big Y matching

07-17-2018, 06:21 PM
I've updated a new spreadsheet which is sorted in haplotree order so people of the same branch show up next to each other whether they are genealogically relevant matches or just * ancient clade mates. * This works around the Big Y Matching 30 variants limitation for genealogical relevance.

A second method of finding potential ancient clade mates is the Genetic Distance (GD) calculator which lets you select any one individual kit with Y111 and sort the rest of the haplotypes by GD from that target individual. This works around the Y STR Matching 10% diversity limitation for genealogical relevance.


It's a big spreadsheet so if your PC can't handle it and you want to research a kit # in the R1b project just post an inquiry with the kit # in the R1b-YDNA yahoo group.


There is a little more going on behind the scenes of this spreadsheet. I have figured out how to cross-check that people have opted in to sharing results so this should file should be good as far as FTDNA terms, EU GDPR and rules, rules, rules, etc. :\ Periodically I'll have to download the project information. Essentially, I just flush everything and start over with each new version.

An important background file is the R1b-Variants file. It is a cross-reference of all the SNPs listed on the FTDNA haplotree, whether they are lead SNPs or phylogenetic equivalents, and associates them with the lead SNP short haplogroup names. That allows me to assign a branch sequence number to every lead haplogroup label as seen on the FTDNA haplotree, which is important to sorting ancient clade mates together. The branch sequence numbering starts with R1b-M343 as 1.


The best way to make this most useful is to ask your Y111 matches to join the R1b project and to ask any Big Y or SNP Pack testers or deeper SNP testers to join the project. Don't forget to opt in to sharing results and giving administrators limited or full access.


Currently, the file has over 12,000 Y111 haplotypes and about 4,600 of those have Big Y-500. There are another 600 Big Y kits that have not yet upgraded to Y111.