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07-27-2018, 04:26 AM
Does anyone know how to Wish an STR on YSEQ? I've observed some STRs on Big Y 500 STR results that I've been given that appear to be indicative of the R-ZZ37/R-ZZ38 SNP, at least as compared to a sampling of 100+ P312 Big Y tests that is probably weighted towards R-L21.

I know their FTDNA designation but I don't know how to convert that into hg18 format or however YSEQ wants STR requests.

The STRs I'm trying to wish are:
(1) FTY191 (all ZZ37 results I have are 11 or 12)
(2) DYS541 (almost all ZZ37 results I have are 11)
(3) DYS551 (all ZZ37 results I have are 13)
(4) FTY289 (this is a closer call, but all but one S27900 and Z30600 I have are 13 or 14)
(5) FTY800 (almost all ZZ37 results I have are 14)

07-27-2018, 07:51 AM
I haven't done the wish a STR myself, but I've always found YSEQ are good with answering questions via email or through their Facebook page. I don't think they have any presence on this forum. They're a small company and sometimes away at a conference or something, but generally they are pretty engaged and helpful.

I'd start by looking up the STR on YBrowse at http://ybrowse.org/gb2/gbrowse/chrY/? - that will at least give you the position of the STR on the Y chromosome and the repeating sequence which will be helpful to YSEQ. I had a look and both DYS541 and DYS551 are on there.

The STRs with a FTY prefix are going to be more problematic - FamilyTreeDNA hasn't published any position or sequence data about these so YSEQ wouldn't know what to look for. None of the three FTY markers you listed are at YBrowse. FTDNA says "The FTY prefix stands for Family Tree Y. For now, this prefix acts as a placeholder until HUGO assigns an official prefix to these STRs." You could try asking FTDNA for that data, but I have no idea whether they will provide it.