View Full Version : Z56>Z43>S47>Z44

G Livesey
07-30-2018, 03:56 AM
There are a few of us who are BY3949 positive which is downstream of S47>Z44. Till now our only Z44 matches were either testers from Britain or with British surnames. Our S47 cousins on the mainland of Europe that we know of are of the BY3952 branch not Z44. Recently one of my matches at 25 markers with a distance of 2 got a new SNP of CTS8949 (formally M269) which is downstream of Z44. We now have a tester on the mainland as he is northwest Spain, and we are all also positive to his CTS8949. Unfortunately he hasn't replied to emails. It would be interesting to see what his other SNP's are as his CTS8949 and our BY3949 are on a block of 16 SNP's. Could this be a possible point of departure to Britain?

I don't know if there is much we can do about this?

Also do not ignore your 25 marker matches, you never know... :)