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08-02-2018, 03:19 PM
So I was looking at the results from the sample of 1200 Sardinains by (Francalacci et al. 2015) on YFull to see the the 7 men who are Haplogroup H (only 6 men are located on the site however). This haplogroup is mostly associated with South Asia apart from the rare and sporadic H2 (P96) which seems to be a West Eurasian subclade brought to Europe by the Neolithic Farmers.







The results above show that of the 6 recorded instances of H on the site, only 2 of them are H2, the one you would expect to see for Sardinia, while the others are put in H1 and surrounded by people of South Asian heritage. Is it accurate for H1 to be in Sardinia, or have YFull put them in the wrong tree?


08-02-2018, 04:25 PM
I would not be surprised if some members of H-M52 were found among Sardinians. H-M52 has been found widely (though with low frequency) among Iranic- or Turkic-speaking populations in Central Asia and Southwest Asia (cf. Wells et al. 2001, Cinnioğlu et al. 2004, Regueiro et al. 2006, Grugni et al. 2012, Lacau et al. 2012, Malyarchuk et al. 2013). Both H-M52 and H-M69(xM52) have been found among Gulf Arabs (cf. Cadenas et al. 2008, Abu-Amero et al. 2009, Arab Tribes Project at FTDNA). Both H-M52 (cf. Battaglia et al. 2009) and H-Apt (cf. Firasat et al. 2007) have been found among Greeks. I suppose some of these individuals may be assimilated patrilineal descendants of Roma, which may also be the correct explanation for the presence of some members of H-M52 in Sardinia (e.g. ERS257071).

YFull's classification of three Sardinians (ERS257090, ERS257049, ERS257007) as H-M52* is a bit intriguing. Have these individuals been classified as members of H-M52* because of an insufficiency of data regarding downstream SNPs, or are they really members of some basal clade that has not been found among South Asians?

08-03-2018, 02:29 AM
TMRCA of H-M52* is 16500 years old; it's very unlikely for anyone to be basal H-M52* in present times.

These three samples of Sardinians must be very closely related since it is far from the geographic origin of H-M52 and there must have been multiple founder effects on the way to Sardinia.

I would expect them to be placed in a very downstream subclade of H-M52 with a TMRCA of around 50/60 ybp.

Generally while samples are being analyzed, if you hover your mouse over them in YFull, an "anaysis in progress" text would be displayed. But I don't see that for these 3 samples. So if analysis is complete, it would be rather odd for these 3 samples not to share a single extra SNP besides the 245 SNPs that already define H-M52.

I sense some mistake.