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08-19-2018, 09:46 AM
I just tested my paternal haplogroup J1 P58 with FTDNA and the results of my STR are "J1 L823" can anyone give me any aditional information?
Thanks :)

J1 DYS388=13
08-19-2018, 01:21 PM
On a no longer maintained tree at http://genogenea.com/J-M267/tree , L823 is labelled the "Yehudim" branch. Someone on one of these forums defined that word, but I forget what he said.

08-19-2018, 05:17 PM
"Yehudim" is just Hebrew for "Jews".

08-19-2018, 08:03 PM
Thanks for your answer, would that mean i have a jew ancestor for my direct father line?

J1 DYS388=13
08-20-2018, 07:56 AM
Sorry, I don't know.
But isn't Jewish descent determined along the maternal line?