View Full Version : Is there a taxonomy section on this forum, or no?

08-21-2018, 02:51 AM
I am just curious, new to the forum and can't see one.

08-21-2018, 07:51 AM
No, fortunetly, otherwise the place would be invaded by TA (classify my dog and I) types and ruined

3.11 Further to the above, threads or posts forwarding requests for ethnicity guessing or 'classifications' based on the pseudoscientific precepts of 'racial taxonomy' are automatically considered as both devoid of substance and trivial. Such content will be deleted without prior notice. Please note members who persistently defy this aspect of content moderation will be sanctioned as deemed appropriate by the administration.

08-21-2018, 01:18 PM
No, fortunetly, otherwise the place would be invaded by TA (classify my dog and I) types and ruined

Thanks for informing me.

08-21-2018, 01:22 PM

08-27-2018, 01:36 PM

As Ruderico correctly states, no.

There is no 'racial taxonomy', 'guess ethnicity' or 'guess nationality' section in Anthrogenica as of the current time of writing. The following is for the information of our newer users.

A "guess ethnicity/nationality" section was present at launch in 2012 within 'The Lounge'. The founders envisioned it may serve as a benign and fun distraction from the more serious subject matter elsewhere. However, the section took up far too much administrative time and pseudoscientific or non-scientific content that regularly appears in 'raceboards' began to emerge.

The section was closed in 2014. This was the advance notice provided by an administrator at that time:

Dear members,

Please be informed that the "Guess Ethnicity" subsection is due to be permanently closed. The administration has arrived at this decision as we deem the content here inevitably detracts too greatly from the forum's emphasis on current genetics and anthropology despite earlier stipulations.

Although the content here is largely harmless, this subsection has received a disproportionate amount of attention from our staff given its' size. I understand some of our members may be disappointed with this, but our prevailing intention has been to support neutral and free discussion of discourse specific to both genetics and anthropology. Our team is entirely comprised of volunteers with full-time real life responsibilities (including yours truly) and the level of upkeep is not justifiable for a subsection that isn't within the framework of current genetics or anthropology.

To provide our members with the opportunity to claim whatever outcomes were achieved from their threads, this message serves as an advanced 24 hour notice to the aforementioned action.

Thank you all for both your attention and prior participation in this subsection.

The administration has no plans to re-introduce any similar areas in the forum and we are unlikely to do so in the near future.

Hope that answers your question fully. Thread closed.

Kind regards,