View Full Version : What Exactly Is The North European Component Made Up Of?

J Man
10-25-2013, 08:36 PM
What type of alleles is the North European autosomal component that both Polako and Dienekes have dicovered in their respective projects made up of? I have asked Polako about it and he told me that it is made up of a composite of European Mesolithic hunter-gatherer alleles combined with some types of Neolithic farmer alleles. While this obviously could be true I am not 100% certain about this. We know that the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers (La Brana from Spain and PWC from Sweden) who have had their autosomal DNA sequenced have been shown to belong dominantly to the North European component. Dienekes showed this in his globe13 analysis of them. A newer study has shown that they are closest genetically to Lithuanians which makes sense as Lithuanians have the highest percentage of the North European autosomal component of any ethnic groups around today. Lithuanians and other people's such as Finns who live close to the Baltic sea are known to have limited genetic contribution of Neolithic farmers to their genomes. So I wonder if it is possible if the North European component is actually a component that is pretty much purely made up of Mesolithic hunter-gatherer alleles instead of also having some Neolithic farmer alleles mixed in? Thoughts?