View Full Version : How to track down a Finnish ancestor

08-25-2018, 08:59 PM
On my FTDNA I have several Finnish cousins, 2nd-4th and 3rd-5th. In a few of my autosomal tests, a minimal amount of Finnish shows up. In my paper trails, however, I've uncovered absolutely no Finns or even Finnish names. I have contacted some of my matches on FTDNA by e-mail but we were not able to determine the link. There is one section of my 2nd chromosome where all of these matches line up; we all share that section so I assume we share a common ancestor. My English cousin on my father's side also matches me on that section, but that's my only clue, and I'm not sure it's correct because my dad shows no Finnish and it would have come from his mother. Is there a way to find this link that I am missing?