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08-28-2018, 05:52 AM
I ran across this video while I was searching for an old doo-wop era music video, and it reminded me of some propaganda posters I found on the Web a while back.

This is an interview with a schizophrenic patient in 1951. right when the Korean conflict was beginning and before the Cold War took off. You'll see Coca Cola is mentioned in the video's title, and the patient is given a Coke at 6:58:


Apparently Coca Cola was a drink-of-choice during the war years to such an extent the East Germans made a point of it to reference that capitalist cola in their propaganda. I can't find the website I first saw this on tonight, but this is one of the posters:


You'll see occupation-era American MPs off-loading Kodak film and Coca Cola while loading up on looted artwork. No idea what the mark exchange rate was at the time, but a fair guess is that the MPs were getting a cheap deal.

Here's a war-time Coke article: http://www.aamorris.net/properganderatpropaganda/2017/4/3/world-war-two-an-urgent-case-of-coca-cola


So, to justify posting this on a genetic research site, would genetics play any part in the use of a soft drink in war propaganda? Not going into Fanta now, I'm drawing attention to the psychiatrist specifically naming and offering the patient a Coca Cola. Was there any type of manipulation here? Would the patient have accepted a 7 Up just as thankfully? Probably, but see the posture he was in when he was first committed, I believe after an arrest during the Depression pre-war years. Would the positioning of his arms be abbreviated Roman salutes, say he froze in that position when he realized where he was? Could be; he might repeat his mistake at 3:18 when he speaks of the photo as though it represented inner-city youth at the time and their ability to "make it" by either slapping or stabbing their way through life. He tries to regain lost ground after that, but apparently he's gotten the attention now of not only his doctor, but the camera crew.

Remember that specific era was just after the eugenic experiment that went awry. Makes you wonder what the doctor was searching for in the patient. One thing is that his patient seems to have some bad dental problems. Could be suffering from dementia due to abscessed teeth.

A cold bottle of Coca Cola should fix that right up! Things go better with Coke!

edit: Turning on the closed captions makes the dialogue understandable.

08-30-2018, 04:38 AM
Ric, are you still here? Do you see any of this? Remember a couple of years ago we were talking about doo wop lyrics?

Turn on the closed captions for these. The description of this interview says the woman predicts Google maps. In the video of the fellow with a toothache in the previous post he talks about fonts of differing sizes and, at 8:50, he says "I text a man, he got me arrested."

The woman in the below video speaks kindly of a German leader and in the video description she's described as a sympathizer. Treading lightly here because this is truly weird. The are two persons, probably both involuntarily committed, after the second 20th Century war with Germany, who are talking technology that is still decades in the future. I'm not saying this on my own, it's truly what they seem to be saying and that's what the closed captioning picks up.

Remember, Ric, we were talking about fear, pain, and evolution? What causes genetic changes in a biological entity, sentient or not? And, if anyone gives any credence to any of what these people are saying, are they truly and entirely sentient themselves or are they miming information they gather from somewhere or place they can't physically have access to? The man with the dental problems is obviously in terrible pain, certainly he needs root canals or extraction, but where is the woman's pain? Mental and emotional, perhaps, but she doesn't seem in any physical discomfort.

At 5:58 the woman speaks of the "trash they read in the newspapers." Something else that's mirrored in today's media. Or spoken frequently of by one or two certain people, anyhow.


Something else before I forget: The Bellamy Salute: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellamy_salute

Not all raised arm salutes were German. The time period after the war with the Third Reich left America in shambles; these two patients are probably just small examples of the trauma the nation went through. Personally, I'm of the belief that the American family unit began a slow dissolution beginning exactly at the time of these interviews and culminating at the end of the Vietnam War. The world that existed when these two people were analyzed and discussed is long gone now. Makes you wonder where dude's text ended up at.

The captioning in both of these videos seems accurate as all of the involved party's dialogue appears to be mimed accurately in print.


10-03-2018, 02:34 AM
Apparently YouTube took these two videos down. These posts don't make much sense without them and probably didn't with them, either. But they certainly were curiosities.

The whole concept of time; is it linear or does it travel in circles? How could someone predict anything, or talk knowledgeably about some thing, person, or invention that has yet to come about? There's always been talk of prphpets and the like, religious people who talk in tongues and all. No one knows what language they're speaking when that happens, do they? If that is really what happened here with the patient who needed root canals, he was speaking English but using terms that were meaningless in that era.

Or maybe it was just a fluke, but he was trying to find words to escape the doctor's advances and "catch-ted" turned into "texted" so clearly the captioning followed the whole exchange along quite well. Both words meant nothing then, only one does now.

So, when those patients had episodes like that, I'm pretty sure they were rewarded with lobotomies and electric shock treatments. Thorazine and Elavil weren't around then, were they? I bet he never texted anyone again.

And, since these posts have no supporting facts or evidence now, if anyone finds them offensive please ask a mod to delete them. OK?

Plus a brief musical interlude since this thread has become so boring. No idea why Rory Gallagher hasn't been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet. Irish guitarists don't know how to text or something? Well, now we know.


edit: All that "talking in tongues" was supposed to be gibberish, wasn't it? Maybe it was software, they were just talking Silicone Valley a century or so before Bill Gates. Think that's it?