View Full Version : Looking for a specific GEDMatch calculator

08-31-2018, 08:57 PM
I once stumbled upon a GEDMatch calculator that was able to give specific percentages of Iran_Neolitic and Anatolia_ChL. I no longer can find it. Does anyone know which one it was?

09-01-2018, 06:11 PM
Gedrosia Near East Neolithic K13 includes Iran Neolithic and Anatolia Neolithic and looks like it has been removed from Gedmatch sometime in the last year - maybe that's the one you're thinking of?

09-16-2018, 04:22 PM
Did you try the Gedrosia - Ancient Eurasia K6? I receive Armenia_ChL in that one.

09-20-2018, 08:45 PM
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