View Full Version : Goats Reveal Uncanny Ability to Read Human Emotions in New Study

09-01-2018, 11:27 PM
Goats Reveal Uncanny Ability to Read Human Emotions in New Study
"I was surprised."

By Peter Hess on August 28, 2018
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There’s a lot more going on behind a goat’s freaky eyes than we may think. Despite the fact that they’re popularly depicted as dimwitted creatures who are only interested in eating, anyone who’s seen the disturbingly wise devil-goat in The Witch knows their true potential. While it’s highly unlikely that they’re vessels for demonic spirits, new research in Royal Society Open Science shows that they haven’t received the credit they deserve for their emotional and intellectual capacities.

In a paper published Tuesday, an international team of researchers shows that goats presented with pictures of human faces are more interested in a happy face than an angry face. This is noteworthy because goats, which have historically been raised for meat and milk, are not typically thought of as animals that live and work closely with human, unlike animals like dogs, cats, and horses. These animals have long lived by the side of humans, but goats have always stuck to the pastures. But as the researchers point out, goats seemed to have picked up a few human-reading tricks over their history as domesticated animals.