View Full Version : How come i score so many different African populations in my DNA? (read desc pls)

09-02-2018, 03:37 PM
Reason why i am asking is that i am half afro-Caribbean and half white American.

yet i am 35-45% broadly African, and 25-33% Black SSA.

It makes little sense since Afro-Caribbeans are typically of only west African ancestry, but seems like my family is a big exception XD even Doug McDonald said that my African was a mixture of pred. western/central African and lesser Oromo Ethiopian and Moroccan/Mozabite.

Where does the Ethiopian come from i wonder? like, it makes sense tbh because my grandpa looks like an true Afro-Arab. (probably because of strong Cushitic/berber blood) and he's very dark too, he's also ectomorph and dolichocephalic with a big hooked nose, which all fit the description of Cushitics i think.

Eitherway, how common is it that a afro-Caribbean scores both West African, central African, north African, and east African? let me know

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DNA info from Doug McDonald:




thanks guys, lemme know if u know anything about how common this is.