View Full Version : New YouTub Video on tradeoffs of privacy vs. accessibility/costs

09-04-2018, 04:59 PM
Since there is a lot of incomplete and misleading information being posted, I created a 30 minute video on the state of privacy for genetic genealogy (this primarily covers YDNA but does have information about atDNA testing as well):


There is one probable correction - it appears that new admins also had their default changed to Limited for "Project Preferences" and I have verified this with our newest admin under L226. Look forward to comments, omissions and corrections.

09-12-2018, 02:07 PM
I have now had time to review the new roll out of "Project Preferences" that FTDNA implemented on 8/1/18. There are two positive changes but also two negative issues as well:

1) Both both existing admins and new admins (after 4/15/18), all new project joins now default to "Limited" vs. "Minimal." This is a major improvement.

2) For all new admins (between 4/15/18 and 8/1/18), the default of "Minimal" for all project members has been updated to "Limited." This is the second major improvement.

3) Unfortunately, FTDNA also added yet another privacy setting for all project admins that join after 8/1/18. There is a new setting under "Project Preferences" called "Default value for all new project admins" which defaults to "Limited." So if you are trying to get all project members to "Advanced" (required to place orders and use project funds), this setting now needs to be set to "Advanced" or over time the new admins will not be able to use project funds for project members (among several other limitations). This is another phase out of functionality for new admins over time. This is yet another setting that needs to be updated as well. This is a major negative issue.

4) FTDNA chose not to update default settings between 4/15/18 to 8/1/18. This creates a second class of project members that remain at "Minimal" for all admins. So admins must clean up these artifacts leftover (we have 28 project joins in this time frame for our project - L226). FTDNA did not bother to just change the default for this time frame. Since these people are at lowest level possible, there is no overriding values to lower levels of privacy possible.