View Full Version : Use of the term "South/Central Asian" or "South Central Asian?"

09-11-2018, 03:14 AM
I noticed on anthropology forums and even on non-anthropology boards, the terms South and Central Asian are thrown around alongside each other often, and it confuses me since these two entities are quite different genetically. One is a mix of east Eurasian and west Eurasian, and the other is a mix of west and south Eurasian. I guess when countries like Afghanistan get thrown in it gets confusing, but they seem not too far from Iranians genetically although existing on their own unique genetic spectrum, somewhere between Turkestan, India and Persia depending on the area and tribe.

So why exactly do we lump in the two groups? Only similarities today are relatively recent Perso-Islamic influences, which again are ultimately from Western Asia, and if you go back far enough there was a time when India had influence on Central Asia but that was quite limited in the grand scheme of things. I just am curious as to this hot anthropological buzzword and why it gets so overly used. Is it because of groups like Tajiks and Pashtuns that don't fit a category? You also then have groups like Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, and the Tajikistanis who don't have anything remotely in common with South Asia. These make up a good portion of Central Asia.

I think it's best this topic is also best moved to the Hindi outlook, I realized lol