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Libya abdullah
09-28-2018, 05:30 AM
Dear anthrogenica forum

I am from Libya and the Haplogroup of my tribe is (J-ZS5010) some people say it connected to another tribe which is (J-FGC43122) and they came from the same antenato .
Actually, I am not convinced because of the big differences in the tow tribes features.
Depending on the tribe's features (language, appearance, ETC) I see my tribe (J-ZS5010) more connected to Algerian tribe (J-ZS4753).
My questions are
1- (J-ZS5010) Haplogroup is relative to (J-ZS4753) or (J-FGC43122)?
2-which one of the three Haplogroups came from Middle est since 1050 C?
Thank you very much.

I will highly appreciate your response.
With best regards.
Miss Libya abdullah

09-28-2018, 05:55 AM
The answer to the first question would be:

J-FGC43122. Both ZS5010 and FGC43122 are immediately downstream of Y5320, and it's TMRCA is around 1650 years.

J-Y5320 is also a downstream of FGC11, which is the most famous lineage of J1 among Arabs. This lineage expanded around 4000 years ago from Mesopotamia or the Levant (most likely), to Arabia.

As for the second question: All of them came from the middle east. However J-ZS5010 and J-FGC43122 are somewhat abundantly found in the tribe of Banu Sulaym/Banu Hilal.

They took part in the Muslim conquest of the Levant, and established themselves in Upper Mesopotamia, whilst part of the tribe remained in the Hejaz. During the early Muslim era, the tribe produced noted generals such as Safwan ibn Mu'attal, Abu'l-A'war and Umayr ibn al-Hubab. Those in Syria/Mesopotamia were expelled to Upper Egypt by the Fatimids in the late 10th century for assisting the Qarmatians. In the mid-11th century, a prolonged famine in Egypt prompted the tribe to migrate westward with the Banu Hilal. The Sulaym and its sub-tribes established themselves mainly in Cyrenaica, where until the present day, many of the Arab tribes of that region trace their descent to the Sulaym.

Libya abdullah
09-28-2018, 09:31 AM
Thank you for your response
I want to know the true proportions of these breeds from their real sources
Because there are Internet pages and pages Facebook offers percentages and maps do not match reality
There are tribes that know very well that they are not Arab and show Arab results
We have a conviction that it is a mixture of Arabs and non-Arabs (the Arabs are a minority) but hide the non-Arab samples and present only Arabic
As for Barak, we know well that she is an Arab with an overwhelming majority

Libya abdullah
09-28-2018, 09:42 AM
How can I reach the true proportions of the Arabs in western and southern Libya, eastern Tunisia, and southern and eastern Algeria

Waiting for more answers please