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11-08-2013, 03:35 PM
Most likely fit is 53.1% (+- 0.1%) Africa (all West African)
and 8.8% (+- 0.6%) E. Asia (various subcontinents)
and 38.1% (+- 0.6%) Europe (various subcontinents)

The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
most likely at the top
Mandenka= 0.531 South_Han= 0.081 Romania= 0.388 or
Mandenka= 0.530 Dai= 0.082 Romania= 0.388 or
Mandenka= 0.530 Lahu= 0.083 Romania= 0.387 or
Mandenka= 0.529 Cambodian= 0.089 Romania= 0.382 or
Mandenka= 0.531 North_Han= 0.083 Romania= 0.386 or
Mandenka= 0.533 South_Han= 0.088 French= 0.379 or
Mandenka= 0.530 Cambodian= 0.098 French= 0.372 or
Mandenka= 0.533 North_Han= 0.091 French= 0.376 or
Mandenka= 0.531 Tu= 0.088 Romania= 0.381 or
Mandenka= 0.532 Tu= 0.097 French= 0.371

a custom fit gives

Irish 0.2360 Jewish 0.1648 Yoruba 0.5144 Yi 0.0848 or
English 0.2492 Jewish 0.1479 Yoruba 0.5147 Yi 0.0882 or
Irish 0.2344 Jewish 0.1662 Yoruba 0.5142 Naxi 0.0852 or
English 0.2474 Jewish 0.1496 Yoruba 0.5145 Naxi 0.0885 or
Irish 0.2325 Jewish 0.1614 Yoruba 0.5128 Malaysian 0.0932 or
English 0.2438 Jewish 0.1464 Yoruba 0.5130 Malaysian 0.0967 or
Irish 0.2346 Jewish 0.1604 Yoruba 0.5129 Cambodian 0.0921 or
Irish 0.2211 Sephardic 0.1807 Yoruba 0.5115 Yi 0.0867 or
Irish 0.2190 Sephardic 0.1826 Yoruba 0.5113 Naxi 0.0871 or
Italian 0.2939 Chuvash 0.1167 Yoruba 0.5168 Malaysian 0.0726 or
English 0.2463 Jewish 0.1449 Yoruba 0.5131 Cambodian 0.0956 or
English 0.2383 Sephardic 0.1596 Yoruba 0.5123 Yi 0.0897

which is strange for Hong Kong East Asian ... no Han Chinese. I tried
turning off all ethnic East Asian and get

Italian 0.2416 Chuvash 0.1245 Sephardic 0.0521 Yoruba 0.5147 Malaysian 0.0671 or
Italian 0.2423 Chuvash 0.1245 Sephardic 0.0518 Yoruba 0.5146 Cambodian 0.0667 or
Italian 0.2675 Chuvash 0.1205 Jewish 0.0278 Yoruba 0.5160 Malaysian 0.0681 or
Italian 0.2684 Chuvash 0.1206 Jewish 0.0274 Yoruba 0.5160 Cambodian 0.0676 or
Italian 0.2750 Romania 0.0210 Chuvash 0.1181 Yoruba 0.5171 Malaysian 0.0688 or
Italian 0.2946 Chuvash 0.1197 Yoruba 0.5171 South_Han 0.0055 Malaysian 0.0631 or
Italian 0.2892 Chuvash 0.1187 Belorus 0.0059 Yoruba 0.5171 Malaysian 0.0691 or
Italian 0.2905 Poland 0.0040 Chuvash 0.1193 Yoruba 0.5171 Malaysian 0.0690 or
Italian 0.2919 Chuvash 0.1196 Lithuania 0.0024 Yoruba 0.5171 Malaysian 0.0690 or
Italian 0.2895 Chuvash 0.1197 Hungary 0.0048 Yoruba 0.5171 Malaysian 0.0689 or
Italian 0.2938 Chuvash 0.1202 Yoruba 0.5171 North_Han 0.0011 Malaysian 0.0678

Any thoughts on this profile? What should I make of it?

11-11-2013, 09:41 PM
Wow, very interesting and diverse results. What is your background if I may ask? The only place I can imagine this sort of diversity is the Caribbean (due to European, East Asian and African influences).

11-11-2013, 11:15 PM
Wow, very interesting and diverse results. What is your background if I may ask? The only place I can imagine this sort of diversity is the Caribbean (due to European, East Asian and African influences).

Yes somewhere like Jamaica or Trinidad would be most likely though I could also see a similar mix happening in parts of North America (mainly big cities like New York).

11-12-2013, 12:41 AM
You guys are good. I am from Jamaica. How would you describe this ethnically? Let's see how good you really are.

11-12-2013, 01:41 AM
I am not sure what the Asian represents exactly but the rest seems English/Irish, West African, and the Jewish is quite possibly real though this could also be something else.

It looks like both your parents are quite a mixture already, which makes splitting populations a little more difficult. I am guessing one parent is about 1/2 African 1/2 NW European (UK or Irish or a mix), the other is about 1/2 African and 1/4 Jewish, Lebanese, or similar, and 1/4 Chinese or Vietnamese (?). In other words, ethnicity = approximately Tiger Woods. :)

If you have Greek or Italian or similar ancestry that will confuse things since that will split as both Mideast and European. Also possible is a bit of Spanish which could read as a mix of Middle East and Euro and African, though the more fingers are in the pie, the harder it is to call the flavour of the slices...

11-12-2013, 02:03 AM
AJL you nailed it exactly. I am a Black, Scottish, Jewish, Chinese mix. Mom is Half black, half-white (jewish/scottish). Dad is half- black, quarter white (Scottish again), quarter Chinese. I look like what one would expect if a dark African (basically characterizes two of my grandparents), married a white person. Think Boris Kodjoe, Sophie Okonedo, or some other brown-skinned "mulatto" with an African parent and a non-black parent. What I have come to realize is that bi-racial people in America are likely less than 50% African, since the average African American is about 20-25% European admixed. So the average "bi-racial" person in America is probably more along the order of 30-40% African-60-70% Euro (think Alicia Keys). I definitely don't look like that.

EDIT: Kudos to Professor McDonald, he really nailed it for me.

11-12-2013, 02:46 AM
Thanks, quite an interesting mix -- speaking of Americans and in the same vein as Alicia Keys, I believe actor Rashida Jones shares somewhat similar overall roots to yours but without the Chinese, and she is probably heavier on the European ancestry than yourself.

11-12-2013, 04:11 AM
Rashida Jones is probably trending closer to 75% European than 50% European if I had to guess. I would guess 66% non-African/34% African. Alicia Keys probably about the same, or perhaps a bit more African.

11-12-2013, 05:39 AM
Very interesting heritage you have there :)