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10-07-2018, 01:37 PM
van Haasen


What’s new in our updated ancestry report?

In this update to our algorithm we have added Machine Learning (ML) based analysis, which is widely used by companies like 23andMe and Ancestry DNA. The admixture based analysis will continue to be part of our algorithm, in addition to the ML-based analysis.

10-12-2018, 07:06 PM
The machine learning analysis like Ancestry focuses mostly on your more recent admixture, but it still seems way off. I scored 100% British on the ML analysis when I would have expected at least 50% Scottish (if they were using it as a proxy for generalised Celtic ancestry).

My admixture is largely consistent with what I score on GEDmatch calculators but the South Asian seems a bit high (9.26% as opposed to around 1-2% on the calculators).

Here's the full list as I can't yet post images.

European 59.26:

British 27.90
Italian 18.69
Russian 12.92
Lithuanian 10.81
Finnish 5.62
Sardinian 5.27
Basque 5.00
Georgian 4.70
Kosovo 4.28
Hungarian 1.99
French 1.47
Orcadian 1.36

West Asian and Middle Eastern 21.31

Cyprus 35.36
Druze 14.66
Burusho 11.57
Palestinian 10.36
Hazara 5.89
Parsi 3.78
Brahui 3.44
Kalash 3.26
Turkmenistan 3.07
Saudi 2.69
Samaritan 1.88
Balochi 1.74
Iranian 1.44
Iraqian 0.83
Yemenese 0.02

South Asian 9.26

ANI Sindhi 67.58
ANI Gujarati 17.31
ANI Punjabi 4.61
ANI Dharkars 2.36
ATB Burmese 1.72
AAA Naga 1.59
ANI Dusadh 1.47
ASI Velamas 1.40
ASI Srilankan Tamils 1.16
ANI Kol 0.81

American 3.92

African 2.77

Oceanian 2.02

Southeast Asian 1.47