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Based on a 2014 poll: https://gloswielkopolski.pl/modelowy-wielkopolanin-wg-ankietowanych-nie-jestesmy-skapi-zobacz-wyniki/ar/3388029/1

1. Traditional regional cuisine of Wielkopolska:

Which dishes do you perceive as traditionally Greater Polish foods/dishes from regional cuisine?

Here are the top twenty or so:

Pyry z Gzikiem (Boiled Potatoes with local Cottage Cheese)
Rogal Świętomarciński (St. Martin Croissant)
Gzik (local type of Cottage Cheese)
Piwo (Beer, including Lech Pils)
Plendze or Placki Ziemniaczane (Potato Pancakes)
Pyzy Ziemniaczane (Potato Plumpers)
Chruściki or Faworki (Angel Wings)
Szagówki (Lazy Dumplings)
Szare Kluchy (Gray Dumplings)
Galart (Aspics)
Andruty Kaliskie (Kalisz Wafers)
Zupa Korbolowa (Pumpkin Soup)
Ślepe Ryby (z Myrdyrdą) - Potato Soup (with Roux)
Rumpuć (local type of thick Minestrone)
Eintopf (type of Stew)
Parzybroda (type of Cabbage Soup)
Szaraki (type of noodles served with cabbage & pot cheese)
Szneka z Glancem (Sugar-Coated Sweet Roll)
Prażuchy, or Psiocha, Lemieszka, Porka (Potato Dumplings with Roasted Flour)
Szabel (Green Beans)
Modra Kapusta (Red Cabbage)
Świętojanki (Currants, especially Redcurrants and Blackcurrants)

Lech Pils beer is a brand recognized by 82% of Wielkopolans & 62% of Poles from other regions.

2. Regional history, symbols, traditions, dialect and local patriotism:

Regional History:

For 56% of Wielkopolans, regional history and traditions are important parts of their identity.

Uprising of 1918-1919:

54% of Wielkopolans declare that they know the history of Greater Poland Uprising 1918-19.
32% of Greater Poles actively participate in celebrations of anniversaries of the Uprising.

Regional Dialect:

Question: "Does Greater Polish dialect (Dialekt Wielkopolski) exist, is it still alive?"

60% of Wielkopolans believe that it exists and that it is still present in their everyday lifes,
39% of Wielkopolans say that dialect used to exist but has been replaced by Standard Polish,
Only 1% of Wielkopolans say that dialect does not exist and never existed.

47% of Poles from other regions say that Greater Polish dialect still exists,
47% of Poles from other regions say it existed but has been replaced by Standard Polish,
6% of Poles from other regions say that Greater Polish dialect never existed.

3. Stereotypical traits of the people, Wielkopolans (Greater Poles):

What traits do people from other regions of Poland describe as stereotypically Greater Polish?:

Here are the top 5 positive traits out of 18 traits that were mentioned in total:

Hardworking - 8,47%
Industrious - 8,79%
Thrifty - 7,75%
Hospitable - 7,18%
Local patriotism - 7,14%

The 1st of negative traits, was 13th most mentioned on the list (out of 18):

Stingy - 5,88%

And let's check what traits do people from Wielkopolska assign to themselves as stereotypical?:

Hardworking - 11%
Industrious - 10,3%
Thrifty - 8,94%
Hospitable - 7,91%
Local patriotism - 7,25%

Stingy - 4,28%

What Wielkopolans think about themselves is in agreement with what outsiders think about them.

4. Stereotypes about the region (Wielkopolska) and people (Wielkopolans):

80% believe that people from Wielkopolska are good coworkers and business partners
70% believe that Wielkopolska is a good place to study and to live
70% believe that Wielkopolska is a place where you can't get bored
60% believe that Wielkopolska is a good place to look for a lifetime partner

5. Free time activities more popular in Wielkopolska than in the rest of Poland:

Pastime activities in Wielkopolska versus the rest of Poland.

What percent of people practice such pastime activities as:

1. Meeting with friends in a Pub - Wielkopolska 42%, rest of Poland 29% (difference +13%)
2. Parties with friends at home - Wielkopolska 46%, rest of Poland 35% (difference +11%)
3. Meeting family or friends at home - Wielkopolska 67%, rest of Poland 57% (difference +10%)
4. Spending time in Nature - Wielkopolska 51%, rest of Poland 46% (difference +5%)
5. Practicing Sports - Wielkopolska 46%, rest of Poland 41% (difference +5%)
6. Parties in Clubs - Wielkopolska 30%, rest of Poland 15% (difference + 15%)

People of Wielkopolska are active and companionable.



Opinion poll "WLKP. Tacy jesteśmy" by TNS OBOP, from 2014.

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Pyry z Gzikiem:


https://static.smaker.pl/photos/e/8/1/e81abc8c8befaea97e8ea656e4412de1_368603_599d46651d ddc_wm.jpg





Foil-Barbecued stuffed potatoes:


Plendze, potato pancakes: