View Full Version : FGC10059 help needed

11-03-2018, 10:44 PM
I've just received the following YSEQ results for my late mother's paternal line. Is FGC10059 downstream of L371? It's listed under "+29 SNPs" for L371 on YFull, and YSEQ has it down as "replacing L371". I can't seem to find anything about it beyond those two mentions...

Quick results summary:
R1b-L21 Superclade Orientation Panel processing
DF13 C+
DF49 G-
Z39589 del+
L1335 A-
DF41 T-
Z251 G-
S1051 C-
CTS1751 A-
S1026 T-
Z16500 C-
FGC10059 A+
S16264 A-
BY11922 processing