View Full Version : J1c2t and subclade

11-05-2018, 09:59 AM

I study my mtdna clade and I discovered that J1c2t have deep origin in UK and Sweden skane
very deep. Now my mother line is from Italy in particular Abruzzo (Casalbordino). I know
that the normans invaded Abruzzo about 1050 AD (Vasto-Ortona-Chieti) those city's are very close
16/40/50 kms of Casalbordino and some normans popolation build and growing into this area.
The distance of my mtdna full sequence with people in UK and Sweden is about 70%
connexion 91/85% generation 10 and 30% connexion 85/76% generation 8. The more deeper origin
are from Sweden skane. Maybe is just a theory but realistic.