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11-09-2018, 04:30 PM
Hello .. one of my friends FTDNA result comes as A haplogroup .. he dis the big Y comes as a branch under A-M13

A1207+, A4940+, A5013+, BY1000+, BY1001+, BY1002+, BY1010+, BY1026+, BY1028+, BY1030+, BY1033+, BY1034+, BY1040+, BY1042+, BY1045+, BY1073+, BY1080+, BY1082+, BY1083+, BY1101+, BY1103+, BY1118+, BY1121+, BY1123+, BY1126+, BY1150+, BY1154+, BY1167+, BY11707+, BY1174+, BY11750+, BY1196+, BY1197+, BY1201+, BY1202+, BY1214+, BY1220+, BY1229+, BY1232+, BY1234+, BY1249+, BY1253+, BY1258+, BY1260+, BY1272+, BY1274+, BY1275+, BY1292+, BY1299+, BY1312+, BY1313+, BY1323+, BY1331+, BY1332+, BY1334+, BY1338+, BY1339+, BY1347+, BY1348+, BY1357+, BY1392+, BY1393+, BY1402+, BY1403+, BY1435+, BY1486+, BY1499+, BY1500+, BY1504+, BY1512+, BY1519+, BY1526+, BY1530+, BY1536+, BY1537+, BY16182+, BY16183+, BY16191+, BY16192+, BY16198+, BY16200+, BY16205+, BY16301+, BY16314+, BY1665+, BY1699+, BY1705+, BY1707+, BY1708+, BY1712+, BY171815+, BY171816+, BY1730+, BY1735+, BY1753+, BY1757+, BY1764+, BY1766+, BY1772+, BY1778+, BY1780+, BY1784+, BY1789+, BY1794+, BY1808+, BY1820+, BY1835+, BY18729+, BY1877+, BY1886+, BY1896+, BY1945+, BY1980+, BY1983+, BY1995+, BY2032+, BY2033+, BY2034+, BY2040+, BY2045+, BY2056+, BY2072+, BY2076+, BY2094+, BY2102+, BY2103+, BY2109+, BY2124+, BY2127+, BY2141+, BY2155+, BY2158+, BY2164+, BY2168+, BY2178+, BY2181+, BY2182+, BY2196+, BY22034+, BY22302+, BY2261+, BY2265+, BY2272+, BY2274+, BY2279+, BY2521+, BY2529+, BY2530+, BY27761+, BY3070+, BY31496+, BY31497+, BY31500+, BY31501+, BY31502+, BY31504+, BY31507+, BY31508+, BY31510+, BY31511+, BY31512+, BY31513+, BY31514+, BY31515+, BY31516+, BY31517+, BY31518+, BY31519+, BY31520+, BY31521+, BY31522+, BY31523+, BY31524+, BY31525+, BY31526+, BY31527+, BY31528+, BY31529+, BY31530+, BY31532+, BY31535+, BY31536+, BY31537+, BY31538+, BY31540+, BY31542+, BY730+, BY731+, BY744+, BY752+, BY766+, BY772+, BY774+, BY791+, BY797+, BY819+, BY826+, BY835+, BY840+, BY859+, BY861+, BY864+, BY865+, BY868+, BY880+, BY882+, BY893+, BY894+, BY897+, BY905+, BY918+, BY939+, BY964+, BY970+, BY971+, BY978+, BY990+, BY992+, BY997+, BY999+, CTS10362+, CTS109+, CTS11358+, CTS11575+, CTS125+, CTS1996+, CTS3368+, CTS3431+, CTS3536+, CTS3662+, CTS3868+, CTS3996+, CTS4364+, CTS4437+, CTS4443+, CTS4740+, CTS5173+, CTS5318+, CTS5457+, CTS5532+, CTS5884+, CTS6135+, CTS6383+, CTS6800+, CTS6907+, CTS8243+, CTS8980+, CTS9828+, E101+, E117+, E119+, E143+, E146+, E159+, E169+, E181+, E19+, E215+, E226+, E28+, E34+, E42+, E54+, E56+, E762+, E99+, FGC17059+, FGC19510+, FGC24495+, FGC24513+, FGC33851+, FGC37882+, FGC37886+, FGC37891+, FGC37901+, FGC37907+, FGC37915+, FGC37923+, FGC37933+, FGC37936+, FGC37940+, FGC37944+, FGC37952+, FGC37957+, FGC37964+, FGC37972+, FGC37986+, FGC37993+, FGC37999+, FGC38011+, FGC38019+, FGC38023+, FGC38026+, FGC38034+, FGC38035+, FGC38036+, FGC38042+, FGC38043+, FGC38050+, FGC38055+, FGC38080+, FGC38082+, FGC38084+, FGC38092+, FGC38093+, FGC38098+, FGC38103+, FGC38109+, FGC38112+, FGC38113+, FGC38126+, FGC38139+, FGC38140+, FGC38141+, FGC38157+, FGC38160+, FGC38165+, FGC38180+, FGC38181+, FGC38187+, FGC38282+, FGC38283+, FGC38291+, FGC40002+, FGC40005+, FGC40011+, FGC44230+, FGC5795+, FGC60280+, FGC6230+, KMS1702+, L1090+, L136+, L411+, L414+, L419+, L421+, L436+, L439+, M10010+, M10013+, M10023+, M10024+, M10029+, M10045+, M10047+, M10055+, M10059+, M10060+, M10061+, M10064+, M10066+, M10075+, M10076+, M10081+, M10084+, M10088+, M10093+, M10097+, M10105+, M10106+, M10115+, M10121+, M10123+, M10129+, M10135+, M10137+, M10140+, M10142+, M10152+, M10170+, M10173+, M10174+, M10178+, M10179+, M10182+, M10184+, M10190+, M10192+, M10213+, M10214+, M10216+, M10218+, M10225+, M10228+, M10229+, M10230+, M10231+, M10239+, M10241+, M10253+, M10258+, M10270+, M10273+, M10275+, M10291+, M10293+, M10300+, M10308+, M10324+, M10327+, M10328+, M10341+, M10347+, M10352+, M10355+, M10361+, M10370+, M10372+, M10373+, M10374+, M10384+, M10386+, M10395+, M10403+, M10422+, M10781+, M11758+, M11768+, M11771+, M11774+, M11778+, M11783+, M11784+, M127+, M13+, M144+, M190+, M202+, M219+, M220+, M244+, M246+, M2823+, M305+, M308+, M315+, M32+, M63+, M7328+, M9427+, M9436+, M9449+, M9460+, M9483+, M9494+, M9495+, M9510+, M9513+, M9523+, M9536+, M9539+, M9546+, M9547+, M9548+, M9552+, M9554+, M9557+, M9562+, M9566+, M9567+, M9569+, M9572+, M9574+, M9576+, M9580+, M9581+, M9583+, M9584+, M9588+, M9590+, M9591+, M9596+, M9599+, M9600+, M9601+, M9602+, M9603+, M9604+, M9605+, M9607+, M9610+, M9611+, M9614+, M9616+, M9617+, M9619+, M9620+, M9626+, M9630+, M9632+, M9633+, M9638+, M9640+, M9644+, M9651+, M9658+, M9660+, M9666+, M9667+, M9668+, M9690+, M9691+, M9692+, M9701+, M9711+, M9713+, M9714+, M9737+, M9739+, M9740+, M9745+, M9748+, M9749+, M9750+, M9751+, M9753+, M9754+, M9756+, M9769+, M9771+, M9780+, M9785+, M9786+, M9789+, M9792+, M9793+, M9799+, M9802+, M9807+, M9812+, M9820+, M9825+, M9830+, M9832+, M9835+, M9836+, M9842+, M9844+, M9848+, M9854+, M9882+, M9885+, M9887+, M9890+, M9899+, M9904+, M9915+, M9916+, M9917+, M9918+, M9919+, M9921+, M9923+, M9925+, M9944+, M9947+, M9951+, M9952+, M9957+, M9960+, M9965+, M9974+, M9975+, M9988+, M9993+, M9998+, P100+, P283-, P289+, PAGES00010+, PAGES00053+, PF10+, PF1001+, PF1002+, PF1005+, PF1010+, PF1013+, PF1016+, PF1023+, PF1024+, PF1028+, PF1029+, PF1035+, PF1036+, PF1037+, PF1038+, PF1040+, PF1041+, PF1043+, PF1046+, PF1048+, PF1051+, PF1052+, PF1054+, PF1055+, PF1058+, PF1061+, PF1068+, PF1075+, PF1082+, PF1083+, PF1089+, PF1092+, PF1094+, PF1097+, PF1099+, PF1102+, PF1188+, PF119+, PF1202+, PF1203+, PF1204+, PF1207+, PF1208+, PF1210+, PF1214+, PF1216+, PF1219+, PF1220+, PF1221+, PF1224+, PF1225+, PF1229+, PF1232+, PF1234+, PF1235+, PF1236+, PF1244+, PF1246+, PF1254+, PF1255+, PF1259+, PF1260+, PF1263+, PF1268+, PF1270+, PF1277+, PF1278+, PF1282+, PF1285+, PF1286+, PF1288+, PF1295+, PF1302+, PF1344+, PF138+, PF152+, PF174+, PF180+, PF192+, PF197+, PF199+, PF203+, PF210+, PF212+, PF214+, PF219+, PF223+, PF225+, PF231+, PF238+, PF239+, PF241+, PF248+, PF249+, PF251+, PF252+, PF253+, PF254+, PF255+, PF257+, PF258+, PF262+, PF263+, PF265+, PF271+, PF272+, PF273+, PF275+, PF277+, PF278+, PF281+, PF283+, PF284+, PF291+, PF292+, PF294+, PF295+, PF297+, PF299+, PF305+, PF309+, PF312+, PF314+, PF316+, PF321+, PF322+, PF323+, PF325+, PF326+, PF334+, PF342+, PF344+, PF353+, PF3561+, PF4+, PF470+, PF5+, PF549+, PF6+, PF603+, PF604+, PF634+, PF640+, PF641+, PF662+, PF663+, PF664+, PF666+, PF667+, PF669+, PF670+, PF676+, PF685+, PF697+, PF698+, PF7+, PF710+, PF711+, PF717+, PF718+, PF719+, PF722+, PF725+, PF728+, PF732+, PF736+, PF737+, PF738+, PF740+, PF742+, PF745+, PF746+, PF747+, PF748+, PF75+, PF755+, PF760+, PF774+, PF775+, PF778+, PF779+, PF781+, PF782+, PF784+, PF786+, PF788+, PF789+, PF790+, PF796+, PF797+, PF799+, PF800+, PF803+, PF805+, PF806+, PF807+, PF812+, PF813+, PF814+, PF815+, PF817+, PF818+, PF819+, PF821+, PF823+, PF826+, PF830+, PF831+, PF832+, PF840+, PF842+, PF849+, PF85+, PF851+, PF852+, PF853+, PF859+, PF863+, PF864+, PF871+, PF877+, PF878+, PF879+, PF882+, PF887+, PF888+, PF889+, PF892+, PF893+, PF894+, PF895+, PF897+, PF901+, PF906+, PF908+, PF910+, PF915+, PF916+, PF92+, PF920+, PF921+, PF923+, PF926+, PF927+, PF929+, PF935+, PF936+, PF937+, PF938+, PF939+, PF942+, PF944+, PF951+, PF960+, PF963+, PF966+, PF970+, PF971+, PF975+, PF978+, PF981+, PF982+, PF984+, PF986+, PF990+, PF994+, PH1023+, PH127+, PH1331+, PH135+, PH204+, PH2158+, PH2276+, PH3365+, PH368+, PH398+, PH4481+, PH4521+, PH453+, PH5083+, PH621+, PH636+, PH642+, PH654+, PH896+, SK234+, SK236+, SK237+, SK238+, SK240+, SK242+, SK243+, SK245+, SK246+, SK247+, SK250+, SK78+, V10+, V1018+, V156+, V1561+, V160+, V168+, V221+, V241+, V243+, V250+, V2844+, V3161+, Y20629+, Y20633+, Y22375+, Y23655+, Y23656+, Y23865+, Y23870+, Y23876+, Y23878+, Y23881+, Y23883+, Y23887+, Y23892+, Y23894+, Y23895+, Y23898+, Y26735+, Y26829+, Y4922+, Y7119+, YP4730+, YP4744+, YP4750+, YP5359+, YSC0000227+, Z11978+, Z11984+, Z11985+, Z11986+, Z11987+, Z11997+, Z12123+, Z12203+, Z16229+, Z17404+, Z2065+, Z2198+, Z8156+, ZS5822+

copying this to morley predictor show that he has many SNPs positive under CT , some under F haplogroup and even under R
can any body help me to understand this


11-10-2018, 07:20 PM
Hello .. one of my friends FTDNA result comes as A haplogroup .. he dis the big Y comes as a branch under A-M13


What is his origin ?

For $49, you can demand an analysis by Yfull. They are good specialists and can give you a good result. I used their service .

Here is their haplotree for hg A1b1

11-12-2018, 05:15 PM
Thank you .. I advice him this .. he is an arab from Oman
I think its error in the calculator .. wrong assignment of SNPs could be ..I am not sure but the tree not updated since more than 5 years

11-12-2018, 10:20 PM
Hello .. one of my friends FTDNA result comes as A haplogroup .. he dis the big Y comes as a branch under A-M13

copying this to morley predictor show that he has many SNPs positive under CT , some under F haplogroup and even under R
can any body help me to understand this


Thank you .. I advice him this .. he is an arab from Oman
I think its error in the calculator .. wrong assignment of SNPs could be ..I am not sure but the tree not updated since more than 5 years

I sorted his positive haplogroups into the 2017 ISOGG tree:

A0-T: L1090
A1: V168, V241, V250
A1b: V221
A1b1: L419/PF712
A1b1b: M32
A1b1b2: M144, M190/Page35/PF1373, M220, M305/Page17, P289/PF1372, PF1365/V160
A1b1b2a: P100
A1b1b2b: M13/PF1374, M63/PF1079, M127, M202, M219
A1b1b2b~: L411/PF11, L414, L421, L436/PF962, L439, Page77/PF1364/V10
A1b1b2b2~: PF1362/V156, PF1367/V243

CT: CTS109/M8948, CTS125/M5576, CTS1254/M5598, CTS1996/M5651, CTS3431/M5669, CTS3662/M5671, CTS4364/M5679, CTS4740/M5684, CTS5318/M5690, CTS5532/M5694, CTS6383/M5707, CTS6800/M5713, CTS6907/M5715, CTS8243/M5736, CTS8980/M5748, CTS9828/M5764, CTS10362/M5770, CTS10946/M5804, CTS11358/M5808, M5588/PF210, M5589/PF212, M5591/PF223, M5608/PF258, M5611/PF263, M5616/PF272, M5619/PF278, M5631/PF292, M5675/PF719, M5691/PF779, M5698/PF796, M5706/PF815, M5711/PF821, M5716/PF840, M5737/PF892, M5751/PF937, M5756/PF951, M5776/PF1029, M5781/PF1040, M5782/PF1046, M5786/PF1061, M5794/PF1092, M5796/PF1097, M5800/PF1203, PF342, PF970, PF1016

DE: Z17404

E: FGC6230
E1b1a1a1a2a1a3b1a20~: L421
E1b1b1b2a1a1a1b1~: PH3365

C2b1a1a: BY1150/Z30580

F: CTS3536/M3688/PF2666, CTS3996/M3692/PF2671, CTS4443/M3696/PF2677, CTS6135/M3708/PF2693

G2a2b2a1a1b1a1a2b1a1b: PH3365
G2a2b2a1a1c3c~: PF790

H1a1a4b: M2823/Z4374
H1a2a3~: M10291

J1a2a1a: FGC14316/L136/L572

M1a3b2~: M10781/S20812/ZS4770

Q1b1a1a1e1a1: CTS5173/PF770

R1b1a1a2a1a1c2b2a1b1a1b1: M10044/PF889

R1b1a1a2a1a2c1b2a1a: BY3070/FGC36456

I only found two positive results under R1b compared to goodness knows how many total SNPs the ISOGG 2017 tree has under R1b. These are most likely false alarms. This also applies to the SNPs under DE, D, C, G, H, J, M and Q.

There are a load of positive results under CT and F. If he came under CT, then I would expect to see loads of positive SNPs under BT, however in reality we see none. If he came under F, then I would expect to see something under CF, and something under the subclades of F (F1, F2 and F3). Again, there's nothing to see here. I would ignore these SNPs.

Your friend has a lot of positive SNPs under A1b1, A1b1b2b and all the subclades between, which is not something we see for SNPs in other haplogroups that he tested positive for. It's safe to say your friend comes under A-M13.

More specifically, when I looked on YFull afterwards, I noticed that he specifically comes under subclade A-Y23655, a lineage that is only seen on YFull from men who are from the Arabian Peninsula. YFull states that all men under A-Y23655 can trace their Y-DNA to a single man who lived around 10000 years ago, most likely in or around the Arabian Peninsula.

This makes sense considering your friend is an Arab from Oman.

I would ask him to contact FTDNA because there's are loads of false positives specifically under CT and F.

11-18-2018, 02:42 PM
Thank you very much for your detailed answer

You know with all of this Unrelated positive SNPs in different haplogroups .. this draws attention and questions in mind

What if there is other explanations apart from false alarms .. or wrong
Testing ..

May be in the future something could explain this

I am in R1a .. i also have J1 L136 + not me only but all my matches too
And i see all my matches .. have the same false positive SNPs
In j1 j2 o1 e1 .. but all my matches did big y .. upload to yfull ended with same result ..

I am really curious.. what if this outliers is so near ..
For example .. someone with R1a .. R1b SNPs

I saw some R1a with M269 .. also wrongly assigned first
And corrected there after ..

I am not expert .. hopefully someone will explain to me .