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11-15-2018, 08:12 PM
Hi everyone,

I am an Omani of Hyderabadi-Indian and Colombian descent, and I am on the search to better understand both of my families' histories. Currently, I have been working on my father's family who claims to have partial Iranian ancestry. I've been helped a lot on anthrogenica to see if this is true and it looks like it just might. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that I found distant Iranian relative on gedmach from approximately 7 generations ago. I double checked on the "One-to-one" tool just to make sure, and the tool confirmed it.

I emailed her, and she told me that her family comes from Northern Iran with Qajar, Deilami, Azeri, Kurdish, Jewish and Tati ancestry. To her knowledge, she doesn't know of any Indian ancestry; her results, however, might suggest otherwise.

Eurogenes K36

Arabian 5.47
Armenian 9.66
East_Asian 0.50
East_Med 14.14
Near_Eastern 13.04
North_Caucasian 17.11
South_Asian 1.53
South_Central_Asian 29.93
Volga-Ural 0.58
West_Caucasian 7.16

Harappa World

S-Indian 6.11
Baloch 29.02
Caucasian 39.18
NE-Euro 4.76
Siberian 2.00
NE-Asian 1.75
Papuan 1.12
American 0.39
Beringian 0.09
Mediterranean 2.51
SW-Asian 12.08
San 0.15
W-African 0.85

Interestingly, I did get a few Pashtun cousins from the Wardak and Karimzai tribes through a test I did on Ancestry.com; perhaps this comes from the same connection?

02-08-2019, 05:35 AM
Iranian relatives on gedmatch are not uncommon for us. I have quite a few. Most of them have poor overlap but others don't. It may not be a genuine relative.