View Full Version : Experience with Wegene 2.0

11-19-2018, 03:30 AM
I got my results from Wegene 2.0. Price is good, about 40 bucks if you get a discount. It was a pain in the ass to make payment as it only accepts a unique Chinese mobile phone payment system. No credit cards, not even Chinese domestic credit cards, accepted. Once you got that through, shipment is reasonably fast, but if you don't know anyone in China, you'll need to use an international mailing agency within China since Wegene doesn't deal with international packages.

Sending the package via EMS from Korea to Shenzhen took about one week, most of it delayed in customs. Be sure to mark your package as "NO BIOHAZARD, Human saliva sample." and maybe it will get through customs faster. Receipt of the package, DNA extraction took about one week, and analysis took about another week. So about three weeks total from sending the package to getting results.

For Asians, Wegene 2.0 offers an extensive yDNA haplotype analysis, almost like a full Y test. Its admixture analysis is however is very centered on Chinese, and for Koreans or Southeast Asians, you'd get ludicrous results. Better to use other admixture services like Gedmatch, dodecad and yourdnaportal.