View Full Version : Returning Pest: Banned User (Calas)

11-23-2018, 06:56 PM
Hello AG Members,

Following a tip-off from one of our regulars, we have discovered that an ex-member who used the alias 'Calas' has registered multiple accounts on the forum.

'Calas' was initially banned for having multiple accounts and has continued to waste their time by creating several more over the past year. We have temporarily disabled new registrations and, over the course of the past day, have discovered no less than six sockpuppet accounts.

We encourage all regulars who see previously inactive or new accounts with a typing style reminiscent of 'Calas'' to report them immediately to us.

We have also erased all of their posts from all of their aliases in the forum, reducing all of their efforts to subvert discussions here over the past year to naught. Dozens of hours of misguided effort wiped off of the site after just a few clicks.

As we're making this (very bored) individual's disreputable conduct public here, we anticipate our community will gladly help with future pest control.

Should a 'Calas' sockpuppet see this thread before the inevitable ban, a quick primer on the message you'll keep seeing from us:

Banned member returning. We'll keep banning you. Stop wasting your time.

Thanks all,