View Full Version : Kakai - Yarsan J1-FGC6064

12-31-2018, 01:20 PM
FTDNA#637373 is FGC6064 + SNP tested via our Project. He belongs to a lineage from an Iraqi minority religion from the area of Kirkuk. "Primarily found in western Iran and eastern Iraq, mostly ethnic Goran Kurds." "The Yarsanis have a distinct religious literature primarily written in the Gorani language which also is known as Hawrami dialects"."Yarsanism is barely mentioned in historical religious books as its doctrine and rituals are largely secret".
I think J1-FGC6064 branches are usually related to Indo-European languages and cultures and we can find different ethno-historical clusters from the Western Iberian Atlantic Portuguese to groups in Northern Middle Eastern areas related to the Ancient Iranian Peoples.

07-15-2019, 08:38 PM
Another J1-FGC6064 from NW Iraq, always in Iranian speaking groups - FTDNA #54451 Barazani (IQ project&Yamama.P) برزاني Barzani Kurd, Erbil, Iraq. I think they are matching other Iranian and the Western Iberian cluster.