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01-05-2019, 05:03 PM
Hello everyone.

So I am trying to figure out my ancestry. My family has done paper trails to about the 1700s on my father's side and a bit earlier than that on my mothers side.
I have always been curious as to whether or not I have Jewish ancestry. I've uploaded my autosomal sample to FTDNA, Myheritage, DNA.Land and I also did Global 25 analysis.

My parents have done Ancestry DNA and I uploaded my fathers DNA for Global 25 analysis.

For my mother's Ancestry DNA test it shows majority northern European (German) with ~1% Ashkenazi.

My father's Ancestry DNA test shows: 41% Portuguese, 15% Spanish, and the rest Scottish.

For my DNA tests:

FTDNA says that I am:
British Isles 56%
Southeast Europe 25%
Iberia 17%

Myheritage says:
Iberian 38.3%
Greek 6.0%
Italian 3.6%
Scandinavian 34.8%
English 6.5%
Ashkenazi Jewish 3.8%
North Africa 7.0%

DNA.Land says:
Northwest European 47%
Southwestern European 23%
South/Central European 9.8%
Balkan 7.9%
Mediterranean Islander 4.5%
Ashkenazi 1.4%
Finnish 1.8%
North African 3.7%

Then with Global 25 Analysis I am getting between 8-10% Moroccan Jew.


Now here is the strange thing, if I were to have Moroccan Jew ancestry then there is only the possibility of me getting it from my father (mother is pretty well homogeneously northern European with some trace Ashkenazi it looks like). But when I run my father's DNA for Global 25 I get:


I don't understand how I could be showing 8-10% Moroccan Jew but my dad only shows 1.67%?

Davidski says that it could be the trace Ashkenazi on my mom's side is interacting with the Moroccan or North African on my dad's side and causing this result.

What do you guys think could be happening here? I am not sure what to make of this. Is this Moroccan Jewish ancestry for sure or could it be likely "statistical noise"?

Our family tree goes back about 4-5 generations and there appears to be no Moroccan Jews (have Baptismal records), so seeing ~10% Moroccan Jew on the Global 25 test makes no sense to me. Also that my father, who really could be realistically the only source of this, shows very little match.

Thanks in advance! I am pretty new to this stuff and have a limited understanding.


Had randwolf do the Eurogenes Global 25 Full Moderns Spreadsheet Runs with Gradient Descent Algorithm on me and my father and the results were:


distance%: 0.22

French 17.11
Portuguese 13.88
Dutch 12.93
Irish 12.39
English_Cornwall 11.73
Belgian 10.37
Basque_Spanish 6.42
Palestinian 4.98
Saharawi 4.86
Maltese 4.21
Tu 1.13

My father:

distance%: 0.3

Portuguese 25.34
Belgian 19.67
French 18.19
Irish 13.15
Dutch 9.08
Algerian 6.81
Saharawi 3.0
Sardinian 2.45
German 1.63
English_Cornwall 0.68

The percentage distances are much closer for these results than I see when I run the nMonte runner. Should I assume that these are more accurate? Interesting that Moroccan Jewish does not appear, nor any Jewish (I get 1.6% Ashkenazi on Myheritage).

The Palestinian, Sawahari and Tu ancestry is surprising for me. And the 6% Algerian and Saharawi on my dad seems like there is something African there. Still struggling to know how to interpret all this. Would appreciate some help from you kind people.

01-05-2019, 06:31 PM
Have a look here:


01-05-2019, 06:37 PM
Thanks but that seems to throw off all the other ancestries. E.g Portuguese at 1.94% is impossible for me!

01-05-2019, 06:49 PM
Thanks but that seems to throw off all the other ancestries. E.g Portuguese at 1.94% is impossible for me!

No problem!