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01-08-2019, 01:42 AM
The Bengali y-dna from BEB samples looks very diverse.
Goes to show Bengali ethnogenesis was complicated. :D

BEB samples y-dna:

Total: 42

R1a-Z94 (Indo-aryan) --- 10
R2a-M124 (Iran_N) --- 5
R2b --- 0

H1a1-M82 (South Asian) --- 8
H1a2-Z4469 (South Asian) --- 2
H1b-Z5867 (South Asian) --- 2
H3 (South Asian) --- 0

J2a-M410 (Iran_N) --- 3
J2b-M102 (Iran_N) --- 2

O-CTS1642 (Sino-Tibetan) --- 2
O-Y9033 (Austroasiatic) --- 2

C-K98 (South Asian) --- 2
C2-M217 (found in Central Asia, China) --- 1

L1a1-M27 (IVC related) --- 1
L1a2-M357 (BMAC?) --- 1

Q-Y1150 (Indo-aryan?) --- 1

BEB scheduled caste samples:
Total: 3
All 3 belong to H-M82 (specifically SK-1225 clade).

Pretty much everything found in Bengalis. R-Z94 and H-M82 dominate.

10-26-2021, 07:59 PM
Does anyone have any thoughts on how Q-Y1150 made it to Bangladesh? My parents are originally from Bangladesh, and I got Q-Z36070:


According to yfull, TMRCA = 3600 years, and there are 2 Bangladeshis (including me). In addition, there is a sample from Turkey.

I also noticed that there were a number of Pashtuns who got Q-Y1150. Could Q-Y1150 have been carried by Afghans to Bangladesh in the last several hundred years?

Thanks so much for your help!

10-26-2021, 09:03 PM
I learned from another user that the Q-Y1150 found in Pashtuns comes from a different subclade, so it isn't the same Q-Y1150, and can't have been carried by the Afghans found in that study. Still puzzled about how this strand of Q got to Bangladesh. I guess I might never know until we get more samples. Thank you.