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01-09-2019, 05:33 AM
Hello, my brothers! There aren't many of us, and it's really heartening to see you guys from all over.

I'm proud of who we are. We're the few, rare survivors of a truly ancient people with a tragic history. While every other group has had many of their own civilizations over the millenia - our last was in Neolithic times. The first colonizers of Europe, who built Stonehenge and lived peacefully with the hunter-gatherers, were butchered by the Indo-European invaders. We've since survived in pockets among other groups.

But we've survived, after so long. Our line lives on. There is pride in that.

01-09-2019, 11:20 PM
If you are referring to Y-DNA G as a whole, it definitely has some "odd pockets." Here is YFull's haplotree for G (https://yfull.com/tree/G/). Notice the odd juxtapositions, perhaps indicative of scattered remnants. For example, this clade (https://yfull.com/tree/G-Z17874/) has only two members with geographical ancestry: from Belarus and Qatar. Their common ancestor lived about 3000 years ago. Their nearest common neighbor, a Saudi, shares an 8500-year-old ancestor (https://yfull.com/tree/G-L830/) with them. The nearest common neighbor to all three is a major clade (https://yfull.com/tree/G-M342/) that diverged about 18,500 years ago. That clade, in turn, branched off from the rest of G over 26,000 years ago.

My uncle belongs to another "odd pocket," G-L660 (https://yfull.com/tree/G-L660/), with members in England, Poland, and Slovakia. Their nearest common neighbor is a clade (https://yfull.com/tree/G-Y36006/) found only in Saudi Arabia.

Similarly, G-Y36001 (https://yfull.com/tree/G-Y36001/) is found only in Poland and Saudi Arabia.

In contrast, G-Z724 (https://yfull.com/tree/G-Z724/) has been found in Beijing.

The Saite
01-13-2020, 04:49 PM
Well , maybe if the plague didn't exist among the neolithic European populations ; They would have had a better survival chances against the incoming Yamnya settlers .