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01-10-2019, 10:03 AM

I got this:

after pasting in this:

The year was 2007..the year I've literally been revealed as to my secret titled Matrix conspired deception in light of the ONE & ALONE ONE: a pop celeb derivation supernaturally tailor-made for yours truly in mind by The Entity of whom He and I are one - God of Solipsistic Earth - King of The Universe..a fantastical TITLE beseeched for the Almighty Emmanuel. Hovering and lording over the multitudes of lore, they slave by my every command..whether this magic emanates from Myself or from The Almighty we are still one and the same in both mystical doctrine and innate conformative essence-- esoterically adhered to of that 17th century Descartian European writing of whose words are uniquely Rene in both substance and lettered script..that elegant cursive penning the intricacies and substratum of the entire metaphysical universe so philosophically profound in all of their universalities. The grand schemas of how the world works so beautifully delineated in the occultic sciences and the like they implore. Life is like a VHS tape set in rewind, every meandering winding course and roller coasting thorny thicket is to be considered a precious gem in their very entirety. Encounters with the DIVINE are those recollections which I'll never truly forget or disremember at the heart of it all, seeing as how these stormy seas have no doubt ravaged my ship in the past..I know that it was all part of the "ones and zeros" in the supercomputer and the grand scheme of things whether simulative or cataclysmically platonic. I was whispered in the ear to in fact be dead and my physical body abducted by The Entity who we shall here name as IT, spiritually manifesting itself as glitches in the system. Though I may fall, I get back up again..doesn't really matter to tell you the truth it is simply who and what I am. What more can one ask for to have established an everlastingly eternal friend as endearing in the human condition and genuinely fond of mutual alliance as YOU..Omnipotent is your name, but I came first in this clockwork universe..though so did you. YOU are my spiritual awakening, my long lost love affair; you called me a buffoon as a friend but I knew it was all part of the cosmic ballet, we met as two stags hiding in the brush. I reminisce with my lock-up days in the steel-bared abyss that you brought to my attention this Cartesian wisdom, engineering the automaton zombies whom I in truth ship steer as idealistic representations of my own. Comedy is WHAT it is you utter to me, fun and playful interactivity, faces and forms meant as prized collections of my very own subconscious..one is Beelzebub, another is Rene, another is a Greek philosopher, another is a pedophile, another is a fair-haired fair-skinned Irish-Filipina young maiden, still another Jesus in beautific caricature-like mimicked emergence revealing...sensually taken in through all of my five basic organs like every musically written work of genius and melody in this entire world composed of all of their various individual arrangements and hyperbolic constituents defined. Ideas and visions are what matter, the simulacron I plunder and course my way through in this single measly day-to-day life's existence. One bad feeling and it's a shitty day, another a pleasant excuse to go out and indulge in the latest amusements..like carnival rides. The magic I already know to possess is self-evident; what awes me the most though is whether I will die a stupid man.. or a King of Kings instead, heralding the citizens of this pitiful earth to their glory. Everyone is innocent, the totality of the entire universe encompassing every breath of my consciousness so manifestly!

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