View Full Version : 15% Northwestern Europe Kurdish DNA RESULTS

02-20-2019, 05:15 PM
Hello everyone.

I did transfered my raw data from 23andme to MyHeritage, and the results are VERY different.

On 23andme I got mtDna I1a and Y-Dna R-m269, and following ethnicity breakdown:

98.7% Western Asian
0.4% Broadly Middle Eastern and Western A.
0.1% Sudanese
0.2% Broadly North Eastern Africa
0.2% Native American
0.4% Unassigned

While I got following on MyHeritage:

Western Asian 71,4%
4,9% Southern Asia
14,0% North- and Western European
9,7% Middle Eastern

On 23andme I have some 800-900 Irish/Scottish relatives whom I share around 0.10%-0.30% with.

Could someone elaborate the results and especially the high amount of Northern European, which is presentens as Irish Welsh on my relatives results, but they only have 6-12%.