View Full Version : L1335/L1065 Ages based on Chromo2

12-03-2013, 09:13 PM
I refer to the Scotlands DNA l1335/L1065 descendancy chart(Version 2) posted
on the Yahoo R1b-L21 project files page based on their Chromo2 initial results.
Between L1335 and L1065 there are shown 13 SNPs in direct lineage.
Between L1065 and the latest McGregor line there are 17 SNPs.(As a side note CTS
1008 is a clear mistake)
I have seen one new SNP per 100 years(3 Generations) quoted as a general rule in
the context of WTY,FGC etc..
So L1065 is at least 1700 years old and L1335 is at least 3000 years old.These
are on/outside the -2SD limits of STR based coalescence studies I have seen
posted by corespondents here and elsewhere.
We have issues here?Anyone care to comment?Not least the age difference between
L1335 and L1065.