View Full Version : mtDNA T2b3 possibly connecting to Plymouth Colony ??

Wing Genealogist
03-18-2019, 11:18 AM
My paternal first cousin has DNA tested with 23andMe and they assigned him a mtDNA haplogroup of T2b3. This would be the mtDNA line of my paternal grandmother.

I have been reliably able to trace my grandmother's "umbilical"/mtDNA line back to Hannah Savage (c1779-1841), but have an issue identifying her parents. Some records state Hannah was "Anna" Savage, born in Pownalboro (now Wiscasset), Maine 28 Oct 1779, daughter of James Savage (III) and Anna Young. Other records state she was a daughter of Isaac Savage (brother to James) and Deborah Soule.

Deborah has several Mayflower lines and her "umbilical"/mtDNA line can be traced back to Wybra Hansen (c1590-p1633) wife of William Pontus of Leiden and Plymouth.

I have had some difficulty navigating FTDNA's projects as finding their Haplogroup projects are no where near as easy as it "should" be. I was able to find their mtDNA T2b project https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/t-2b. I had checked their mtDNA results, but it looked like there were less than 100 results publicly posted in this project.

I have also traced Anna Young's "umbilical"/mtDNA line back to Catherine Brenton (c1625-1695/6) of Hammersmith, England and Mendon, Mass.

Is anyone here a mtDNA descendant of either Wybra or Catherine and have mtDNA results to share? Even a conflicting result would be a huge help to possibly eliminate one line.