View Full Version : What is the sample being measured against when you put it in calculator?

03-18-2019, 08:18 PM
So a lot of the custom calculators on this thread post a calculator and then show how a number of different ancient samples split up into the different categories.

I assumed that the ancient samples would be more like the base-line- like a 'pure' Yamnaya etc... and then your sample would be compared to all of them. But in the postings of these calcs people show how tha ancient samples fare against the calculator... So what are these ancient samples being measured against if it's not samples which are heavily concentrated pertaining to defined category?

For example in the K20 bronze age calc:

Rise489 (Remedello):
0.00% Amerindian
0.00% East-Asian
0.00% East-African
0.00% Oceanian
0.00% Siberian
0.00% South-Asian
0.00% South-Chinese
0.00% West-Africa
99.99% West-Euro
0.01% Central-Euro
0.00% North-East-Euro
0.00% North-Arrica
0.00% Jordan_BA
0.00% Mota
0.00% Anatolian_CHL
0.00% Armenia_CHL
0.00% Iran_CHL
0.00% West-Steppe
0.00% East-Steppe
0.00% Steppe_to_SCAsian

If this is a 99.9 percent western euro sample then don't samples like these become the West-euro category which everyone else is compared to? If it's not the Remedello sample that people are measured against to see if they have any West-euro then what is it? is it a compilation of specific SNPS?