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03-23-2019, 01:25 AM
YSEQ is still processing my sample, but at this point I am Y6077+. I was planning on opening a thread to discuss how my brand of N might have arrived in Hungary (I already had some pretty good ideas from another member), but this website is pretty cool if you have not seen it yet, and offers a pretty good answer.


And this map shows the approximate location of Y6077, and also the location of my great-grandfather's birth, Ungvar. When he was born in 1874, it was a part of Hungary but it now sits over the boarder in Ukraine.

03-23-2019, 05:56 PM
Any other N haplogroup forum members get a chance to try the website I linked above? If so, feel free to post your results here if you want to.

03-24-2019, 02:47 AM
Here is YFull's haplotree for N-Y6077 (https://yfull.com/tree/N-Y6077/).