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FGC Corp
03-28-2019, 06:42 PM
As some background, here's our primary team:

Full Genomes Corporation

Biographies of team members:
Leon Kull, Director, Data Analysis and Storage
Leon Kull is a Data Storage specialist with 20 years of experience in leading hi-tech companies. In the DNA genealogy area he has developed the HIR Search autosomal analysis tool, worked in DNA testing of minor Judaic ethnic groups (Samaritans, Karaites) and has actively participated in the Y-DNA research of haplogroups J1, G2, R1a and Q1. In Full Genomes Leon is responsible for the IT operations and data flow infrastructure.

Justin Loe, CEO, MS Bioinformatics
In 2012, Justin Loe founded Full Genomes Corp (FGC) as a provider of NGS sequencing to consumers. Justin graduated with a MS from Johns Hopkins in bioinformatics in December 2013. His other research experience includes work in neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Dr Ian Burbulis, director and scientific consultant.

Dr. Burbulis completed a Phd in Biology from Virginia Tech and is currently a research professor in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Virginia. His work has been published in Nature Methods and featured in Slate. Currently his area of research is single cell sequencing as a method to understand neurological disorders and copy number of the genome (mosaicism) as a contributor to neurological disorders. Dr. Burbulis worked in Dr. Sydney Brenner's lab (Nobel Laureate) at the Molecular Sciences Institute from 1999-2013.

Consultants to Full Genomes:

Dr. Greg Magoon, Y chromosome analytical consultant

Dr. Greg Magoon is a Senior Engineer in the Center for Aero-Thermodynamics at Aerodyne Re-search, Inc. His research interests include applied mathematics, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, quantum chemistry, and modeling and simulation. For his doctoral thesis in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT, under Prof. William H. Green, Dr. Magoon developed cheminformatic tools for automated reaction mechanism generation, with a focus on improving parameter es-timation during the mechanism generation process. His recent work includes working as a Y chromosome data analysis consultant for Full Genomes Corporation, which involved assessment and troubleshooting of data quality issues and the development of software tools to create analysis reports based on large volumes of ‘next-gen’ sequencing data. He has also collaborated with Prof. Andrew Grierson at the University of Sheffield to analyze new sequence datasets and to develop a novel approach for construction of phylogenetic trees based on Y chromosome ‘next-gen’ se-quencing data.