View Full Version : "Luther and the Protestant Revolution" - new documentary

04-29-2019, 04:04 AM
The documentary is available in English on Vimeo, it costs a couple of EUR/USD to watch the whole thing:




"Filmed in 9 countries (Austria, Czech Rep., Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK), the film above all presents facts that were widely silenced and removed from history textbooks. Apart from the „talking heads” (historians, theologians, philosophers and journalists, distinguished experts in Luther’s biography and his epoch) the film presents a large number of historical sites relevant to the factography or symbolically linked to the topic – like Luther’s family house in Eisleben or Wartburg castle, the ruined Kirkstall Abbey in Yorkshire or Vigeland Park in Oslo. The visual layer of the film refers to iconography from the epoch – woodcut prints and painted portraits. An original music score was composed and a series of original cartoon-like animated scenes were produced for the purposes of the film, which cover some of the dramatic key moments."