View Full Version : problem with Geneplaza not finishing loading

05-13-2019, 11:56 PM
I have uploaded files and paid for calculators in the past on Geneplaza with no problems. However, last week I uploaded my mother's kit and paid for four of the calculators. The payments went through with no problems. The issue is that none of them ever finished loading. I am not sure if I mistakenly uploaded an older version of her raw 23andme data file or not, and if that is what the problem could be. I emailed Geneplaza, but still have not heard back. Has anyone else had something similar happen. I thought about just closing it out and trying again since I cannot see a way to just reupload the file, but not sure if payments could be canceled or not. If you have emailed them before, how long did it take to receive a response. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.