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05-14-2019, 08:01 AM
In the philosophical Cartesian spirit and tradition.. if we really were inside some behemoth silicon giant of a high-tech computer simulation as many modern scholars and even acid smokers alike celebrate as conjecture, then there really is no reason to believe that it isn't populated by a great number of 'philosophical zombies' per say in lieu with the technical jargon so to speak...maybe even everybody but you. It's only if you really are a die-hard hardcore materialist with regards to ideology where consciousness equates to electrical signals interpreted by a real-life physically existing wetware known as the brain so they say. The flip side ideologically would be more alongside the spirit of 'Idealism', which would make you in all it pertains consciousness to be at the spiritual ethereally supernatural level hierarchachly speaking to be or at least perceiving oneself to be as THE 'God' of the entire subjectively seen universe IMHO, or an actualized real-life Neo realized maybe even through some form of mystical revelation to have been living in "The Matrix" possibly his or her's whole entire life lol. If this were truly the case then that's not really living in any actual world at all with any real sense of meaning or purpose or value. Everything which makes us happy and gives us pleasure in this life does so because we believe that they are real to us. Unless of course you've ascended up the ladder to the ranks of 'God' spiritually speaking so to speak I would hypothesize. You may very well have been God your whole entire life without fully realizing it til a later point in your timeline by serious meditative prayer and "divine" revelation/intervention of the soul so to speak. It's like inquiring why is there suffering in this measly life's existence?---maybe because we put ourselves in that very position before we were even born in the first place, and upon the passage of time trial and tribulation we transcend above and beyond it and discover our very true being and esoteric essence. :-) Though tbh my position is naturally way more hedonistic at the core; whatever makes the individual 'happy' is what matters...some align their personality towards a very specific expressed ideal... like "I'm an artist"..."I'm a chemist"..."I'm a politician"..."I'm a computer whiz"...then there is the very principally highest sovereign rung of the ladder by whichever name you designate it known as "God"...and that's simply the end of the story.

08-29-2021, 11:34 PM
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