View Full Version : US civil war 'old tymie' medicines really worked

05-23-2019, 02:18 PM
We all know that previous generations had many 'home made' type remedies that they believed in and was often, all they had...

Here is a cool report on the various biological's that were cataloged and used during the american civil war in the 1860's. apparently, the Norths blockade was very successful in preventing medicine from being imported so the Confed. gov. had this fascinating compendium of 'old tymie' cures printed, some from the white population, but interestingly, they also included both 'native' and 'African slave' compounds as well (guess they were not so picky when it came to knowledge that could save white soldiers lives )


an interesting direction for new medical research, with such commonly available plants!


05-23-2019, 02:54 PM
One of my many times great grandmothers, Eunice Chapman (married name Sprague), was the first female doctor in her part of Pennsylvania. She died in 1814 so the Civil War medicines may have been quite an advancement for her. I also wonder what sort of Native medicines she would have known back then. Awesome stuff, thanks for the read.