View Full Version : How similar is R0a2k1 to L3h2? Especially L3h2a1? Could L3h2a1 samples be mislabeled?

06-14-2019, 07:14 PM
I see a Socotran sample listed as L3h in fact being a possible R0a2k1.

The fact that L3h2a1 is dominated by Socotrans and Yemenis, with only a singleton Somali sample leads me to believe that there is a possibly that like the KM986589.1 Socotran "L3h" - that this entire clade could be a mislabeled R0a lineage, especially knowing of the high frequency of R0a amongst Socotrans, and the presence of R0a2k1 in the Arabian peninsula.

As of now, The Socotran possible R0a2k1 KM986589.1 is listed with a Somali sample on L3h2a1*. The rest of the L3h2a1 clade on Mtree on Yfull is Yemeni samples, and disproportionately Socotran.

Or am I in the wrong here?

Here's the clade in question (https://www.yfull.com/mtree/L3h2a1/), and here's the possible R0a2k1 Socotran L3h sample (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/KM986589.1?report=genbank&from=10057&to=10402) on Genbank.