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Ibn Ali1174
07-29-2019, 07:09 AM
Hello, I wonder which people can correspond to E-V65 haplogroup ?

07-29-2019, 07:57 PM
E-V65 is mostly found in the Maghreb region, the region that incorporates Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. According to Cruciani et. Al 2007 (https://academic.oup.com/mbe/article/24/6/1300/984002) It is as high as 30% among Moroccan Arabs, 20% among Libyan Arabs and present among Berbers in levels of >10%.

It's also present among Egyptians at a rate of 2.5% (among Berbers it's 4.3%), and some have speculated it's possibly linked to Meshwesh ancestry i.e the Ancient Libyan tribes the Egyptians warred against; seeing the TMRCA "3600 <-> 2200 YBP" I believe it's very likely to be linked to several different waves, including the Ancient Libyans (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-third_Dynasty_of_Egypt) and possibly Berber migrations (maybe slave trading of Berber P.OWs?) during the Islamic age.

07-31-2019, 06:13 PM
Hello Ibn Ali ,
I am M78 >V65 >CTS194 from Tunisia,
and you from wich country are you ?
V65 is indigenous in North Africa , certainly originated from Lybia area.

Ibn Ali1174
08-26-2019, 02:01 PM
Hello, I'm from Morocco (Tadla region, fkih Ben Salah). Me too, i'm m78-> V65-> CTS194-> V1174-> HU159 (like most people of this area)

Did you have tested the snp "V1174" ? Where are you from in Tunisia ?

08-26-2019, 09:24 PM
No test under cts194,
I am from the city of Sousse.east coastal Tunisia.

Ibn Ali1174
08-27-2019, 06:28 AM
Okay, you can test the snp "V1174" on Yseq for $ 21 (shipping included). The best thing to do is a Big Y / Y elite / wgs and transfer to Yfull, but it's expensive. There are no Tunisians on the V65 haplotree, only Moroccans, Libyans and Europeans.

12-22-2019, 02:18 PM
Hi! I'm also v65 and I'm from Egypt (central delta)

How can I found more information about my lineage. I only have do the 23andme's test?

12-28-2019, 09:39 AM
Test again again at ftdna.com

12-29-2019, 10:10 PM
Hi cousin Rami, I am V65 carrier from east Tunisia(Sousse),
Your father have ancient Egyptian origins,from wich city (central delta) ?
We have a V65 group on Ftdna, and a facebook page, you are wellcome.


09-27-2020, 11:09 AM
Any new information?

09-27-2020, 02:08 PM
Any new information?

I (YF70645) am at the top of the E-V65 tree: https://www.yfull.com/tree/E-V65/

Currently, it seems that the most likely region of origin of our lineage (post-bottleneck) is somewhere West of Lybia, probably coastal Algeria.

09-27-2020, 08:23 PM
Coastal Tunisia is a good clue ..