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Menapii R-S5488
08-03-2019, 01:47 PM
Hi there, my name is Rogier Stijlen and I am from the Netherlands. Recently I have received my results through LivingDNA and apparently, I belong to haplogroup R-L21>R-DF13>R-DF21>R-S5488. My mtDNA haplogroup is T2e.

I am quite new to this research, however I got quite thrilled to find out about this website and especially this specific forum for DF21. I am eager to dive right into it and hope you guys can help me on the way. I am really interested how these groups originated, split, moved, established etc. I have found quit a lot of information on R-L21, being the Atlantic Celtic branch etc., however very little on R-DF13>R-DF21> and my specific subclade R-S5488.It would be great if you guys could share your knowledge with me on these topics.

Some background information: As I was saying, I am from the Netherlands, however from my fathers side I know we are from Belgium ancestry. My oldest known relative from my fathers side was Adam Stijl, he lived in Meerle around 1680. But as far as we know, we have been living there for many centuries. The surname Styl or Stijl or Stijlen also seems to be originated in Belgium.

Meerle is on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium, this region is part of the region where the Celtic tribe; the Menapii resided. There is actually quite a lot of Celtic DNA in Belgium, however R-L21 is only represented by about 10% of the people of Belgium and especially in the coastal areas where the Menapii have lived a couple of thousands of years ago. It could well be(not jumping to conclusions) that my ancestors lived here for thousands of years and that I am a direct descendant of this tribe.

I have done some autosomal testing through my heritage DNA as well and apparently I am 66,2% Skandinavian, 26,1% Irish Scottish and Welsh, 5,2% Italian and 2,5% West-Asian. The 26,1% Irish Scottish and Welsh, kind a surprised me, since I have no known ancestors from the isles in the last few hundred years (400 years at least).

After researching this, I have learned that 18% of the my heritage participants from Belgium, tested positive for Irish, Scottish and Welsh. Then I started thinking maybe these results are representing the DNA of the tribes of the Belgae. I am aware that autosomal DNA testing only goes back for a few hundred years, however if a lot people possess this DNA it could be passed down for a much longer period, while everybody has it and receiving it from both parents. Then there is also the record of the Menapii settling in Ireland and naming themselves: the Fir Bolg according to roman writing. As that just not makes it more complicated in any way.

I would not mind finding out that my ancestors are actually from Isles (I love Ireland and other Celtic regions) but it could be well possible that my ‘’Celtic’’ came from the tribes of the Belgae and quite plausible from the Menapii due to me being of R-L21 descent and the fact my ancestors are from this region.

Please let me know what you guys think on all of this and looking forward to your info. We are kind of family now right 😉, even so far as R-DF21. I am especially eager to learn about my subclade R-S5488 and the other subclades of R-DF21, so please enlighten me; ‘’my haplogroup nephews’’ 😊.

08-03-2019, 02:18 PM
I’m a DF 21 or the Z16528/ Z16526 ( formerly P314.2) subgroup. My male line goes back to NW Ireland though the P314 project suspects this line got to Ireland from Scotland maybe 1500 years ago. The nearly 4000 year old burials on Rathlin island off the north coast of Ireland are DF21