View Full Version : Living DNA using myself as sample?

08-11-2019, 12:38 PM
So I got 100% Iberian in Living DNA. At first I thought they were extremely accurate but I have been checking other Spaniard and Portuguese results and they don't get 100% Iberian. Like, not even close.


- My 4 grandparents are from different corners of the Iberian peninsula so they getting a sample from an extremely similar Spaniard is out of question.

- I get a huge chunk of northwestern European from 23andme (like every Spaniard) and other heterogeneous results in other calculators, never anything too homogeneous.

- I have german heritage on paper

- 23andMe detected Sicily as a "recent ancestry place" which no other Spaniard has.

I find extremely difficult to believe that they were able to pinpoint me as 100% Iberian. I think that they used me as Iberian sample after I said that my 4 grandparents were Spanish, gave me 100% Iberian and called it a day. If that's true I feel scammed. They should have payed me to be used as a sample.