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08-18-2019, 08:41 AM
Hi All,

Please adhere to the following points when contributing to this subsection:

This subsection should only contain uniparental data from the numerous aDNA papers. Discussions concerning autosomal DNA must be had in the main aDNA section.
This subsection is intended to serve as a repository for the above data. In accordance with the discussion here (https://anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?17725-Special-sticky-thread-for-detailed-Y-chromosome-haplogroups-from-aDNA-papers&p=580044&viewfull=1#post580044), please do not actively discuss uniparental data here. Said discussions can be had in the main aDNA threads relating to the implicated studies.
The main content of this section should either be user-generated subclade delineations, or uniparental data summarisation.
To optimise user navigation, please title your threads through the following format:

[study's lead author] [year of publication] - [mtDNA / Y-DNA / Both] [specific subclade if relevant] [Exploration / Summary / Both] - [sample/region specification]

A couple examples:

1) Narasimhan 2018 - Y-DNA Summary - All Iron Age Samples
2) Margaryan 2019 - mtDNA H6a1a3a Exploration - Sample VK95
3) Harney 2018 - Y-DNA & mtDNA Summary - All Chalcolithic Samples

The above format isn't particularly cumbersome (it'll take 10s maximum to construct), but you'll do the community a service by succinctly titling the threads.

If there's any issues, please contact our aDNA section's Local Mods as a first step.

Thanks for your time and attention.