View Full Version : J1-FGC6064 - ZS7134 - Merzifon, Turkey. Armenian. Ancient Arewordik Zoroastrians ?

08-20-2019, 12:03 PM
Now we have FTDNA #707393 Hagopian, Hagop Chelebi, Armenian, Marzvan/Merzifon, Turkey J-ZS7134. Armenian and J1 DNA Projects.
"Merzifon was home to one of the last communities of Armenian Zoroastrians - known as Arewordik ( children of the sun )".
Merzifon (Armenian: Մարզուան, romanized: Marzvan, Middle Persian: Merzban; Ancient Greek: Μυρσυφων, romanized: Mersyph˛n) is a town and district in Amasya Province in the central Black Sea region of Turkey.
J1-FGC6064 is usually associated with Northern Middle Eastern groups and Ancient Iranian connections. Coincidence or not ?