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08-30-2019, 05:00 AM
We report high-coverage whole-genome sequencing datafrom 46Yemeni individuals as well asgenome-wide genotyping data from 169Yemenis from diverse locations. We use this datasetto define the geneticdiversityinYemen and how it relates to peopleelsewherein the Near East.Yemenis a vast regionwithsubstantial cultural and geographic diversity,butwe found littlegenetic structurecorrelating with geographyamong the Yemenis –probably reflecting continuous movement of people between theregions.African ancestry from admixturein the past 800 yearsis widespread in Yemenand isthe main contributor tothe country’slimited genetic structure,with some individuals in Hudaydaand Hadramout having up to 20% of their genetic ancestry from Africa. In contrast,individuals from Maarib appear to have beengeneticallyisolatedfrom the African gene flowandthus havegenomeslikely to reflect Yemen’s ancestry beforethe admixture.This ancestrywas comparable totheancestrypresent during the Bronze Agein the distant Northern regions of the Near East. After the Bronze Age, the South and North of the Near East therefore followed different genetic trajectories:in the Norththe Levantines admixed with a Eurasian population carryingsteppe ancestrywhose impact never reached as far south as the Yemen,wherepeopleinsteadadmixedwith Africansleading tothe genetic structureobserved in the Near East today.

08-30-2019, 12:40 PM
Interesting article. I think Yemeni J1 probably arrived from Iran_N proxy populations than from Levantine_N-Natufian ones.