View Full Version : Any other H1c9a mt-Haplogroup folks out there?

Stone Meadow
09-04-2019, 04:53 PM
I have found one other H1c9a here on Anthrogenica, and another on FTDNA, but hoping to meet more. :)

I have traced my maternal line back to 1720 in Virginia, USA, with the following (in order) birth surnames, starting with my mother: Wallace, Johnson, Smith, Peck, Snidow, Burke, Frazier, and Graham. I know our MRCA might be hundreds or even thousands of years ago, but OTOH we might be only a few generations apart. Any of these surnames ring a bell?

I'm also open to suggestions for how to make my search more effective, so if you have ideas, let's hear them. Thanks!

09-04-2019, 09:35 PM
My mother is H1c9a. Her oldest matrilineal ancestor had the name Stevenson, or possible Stephenson, from Allegheny County, PA. My mother's autosomal tests indicate some Scandinavian ancestry. I surmise the Stevenson clan was Scotch-Irish, with some sort of Scandinavian roots.

Stone Meadow
09-05-2019, 02:51 PM
I received an email from my FTDNA H1c9a contact overnight, and she knows of 'about 60 more' H1c9a contacts. I'll be following up with her today.

01-24-2020, 06:37 PM
Results from my complete mt-DNA testing on two sites (FamilyTreeDNA and Heritage) and it shows my blood haplotype is H1c9a.

Since I began family tree and DNA activities in 2015, I have learned that I am 66.5% Scandinavian, 7.3 North/West European, 11.8% Iberian, 12.2% Eastern European, 1.2% North African and 1.1 African (Nigerian) from testing results.

What I know is that maternal line came to North America out of the British Isles (maternal grandfather-1600's) and Switzerland (maternal grandmother-1700's). Of my maternal line, I am related to the Starbucks/Coffins/Macys of Nantucket. My mother's maiden name is Starbuck, which is Anglicized from the Scandinavian Starbooki. The Starbucks were Whalers originally from Leichester, England as were most of the people living on Nantucket before and after the Revoluationary War. My maternal DNA matches at a distance of 0-1-2 show more connection to Norwegians than any other nationality, including English/Scotch/Welsh. What is noteworthy is that mutations from my haplotype have been part of Norwegian medical research into DNA links to schizophrenia. My grandfather and younger sister suffer from that disorder. My maternal grandmother was a Thomas, her father being from Wales. However, my maternal family tree from her branch goes back to the Brennemans of Orrville, Ohio by way of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and link to Melchior "The Exile" Brenneman of Bern, Switzerland who was jailed for being Anabaptist/Mennonite. Those Mennonites traveled all over Europe, including Russia, before his son, Melchior "The Pioneer" brought the Mennonites to Pennsylvania with permission from William Penn. Not surprisingly, I belong to the Mennonite/Amish DNA Project over on FamilyTreeDNA.

I speculate that my Iberian, North African and Western African heritage makes up my "Welsh" ancestry prior to coming to the British Colonies since I cannot find a slave or slave owner connection in any of my family tree branches on either maternal or paternal sides after migration to America. In addition, my research into my family tree after they came to America shows that any southern roots I have were from Starbuck Nantucket Quakers who opposed slavery in the south and gave quarter in areas such as central West Virginia to Union soldiers during the Civil War. Then again, pre-colonial America was more diverse than previously thought so my "diversity" could have contain stories yet untold. I can tell you that many of my current living maternal Welsh family who are "dark" appear to have DNA Iberian (Basque) roots from ancestors who were likely fisherman that came to Wales along the eastern European coast. My mother and youngest sibling both look very Spanish/Basque in appearance. In contrast, I and my two remaining siblings are fair haired/eyed/skinned. Sadly, I am red-haired, green-eyed and pale like a ghost. More than 20 minutes in the sun, and I turn to ash. I speculate that those dark haired/dark eyed family members with "Spanish" roots may be some evidence that those "Welsh" ancestors of mine trace farther back to the Moors and slave trade out of northern Africa - hence my North/West African roots. I note that recent DNA studies of the nomadic Tuareg "Blue People" of north Africa show they have the H1 haplotype - rare among "Africans". I am anxious to see if the H1c9a haplotype will show up as more and more people from that tribe or region are DNA typed, especially those groups who have historic ties to slave trade by way of the Spaniards and could account for DNA diversity ties to Africa among those of us with "British" ties.

To date, I have a family tree mapped out that has about 1028 names going back 10 generations in almost every way. Some of those names include Rabel (PA), Brenneman/Broineman (PA), Thomas (WV), Aeschliman (PA), Ake (VA), Ballinger/Ballenger (VA), Barr, Archer (VA), Bechtel, Boehm, Brock, Conrad, Horn, Gantz, Dague, Fairfax, Farley, Gangawar/Gongwher, Frizzell, Feyh, Holtzer, Johnson, Fox, Johe, Jefferson, Kauffman, Kendig, Lambert, LeMaster, McClung, McMurtie, Miller, Munsey, Pauley, Overman, Paxton/Paxson, Pendleton, Severence, White, Worth, Wilcot, Weygandt and Yohe.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to explore possible family ties.