View Full Version : New Azerbaijani (Turkic) J mtdna result

09-14-2019, 08:16 AM
Hi everyone! Got my mtdna results from ftdna it is predicted as J. Will share with you results for interpretation since I ordered just a basic analysis and I have honestly no knowledge about mtdna haplogroups. Suprisingly on top of the J1P58 y-dna, I carry also J mtdna so I fell kinda "100% pure blood" semitic here :angel:
I used https://dna.jameslick.com/mthap/ for subclade prediction and it gave me three results as most possible : J1B1B, J1B1B1, J1B1B1B. Any thoughs guys? Is that seems true?

Here are my results :



09-14-2019, 06:16 PM
J1b is more of an Indo-European subclade, as per Eupedia. My own subclade J1c is more like Haplogroup I1 of y-dna than a clade of J; their parent clades emerged in southwest Asia but they are now found in great numbers in northern Europe. My own maternal line comes from southern Ireland.